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    I started ups at the end of march 1995. I loaded trucks then after 6 weeks they put in the mall to deliver out of a tp60. when the contract changed I went back to the building and been there ever since. when we scheduled our vacations last fall I had 5 weeks vacation and 1 option week. payroll has me at only 4 weeks and option week. they say I didn't have enough reports in 1995. I figure that I have more than enough reports that year to qualify for the other week. this has happened before at the 5 increment year marks. supervisors at the time got it straightened out. there is a person who was hired only days before me and is getting the 5 and 1. I'm wondering if delivering at the mall that first year has everything screwed up. I do have a union steward looking into it. has anyone else had this problem and if so who did you contact to get it resolved?
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    Are you positive you had enough reports last year?
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    yes I have had enough reports since I started. I have not been off for any length of time due to surgeries, ect. they are saying in 1995 i didn't have enough reports but from april to December is more than 156 reports. they have checked before at the 5 year marks and i received that extra vacation.