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  1. westin

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    Started in Aug 1989, I'm currently in my 24th yr and I bid this month. Do I pick up extra vacation after aug 2013? And I should be 5+1 on the vacation bid list? Also me even being in my 24th year is under question too so someone do the math cause I been arguing about this for months.
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    In 08/13, you will have completed​ your 24th year. Sorry.
  3. westin

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    Well, I said i'm in my 24th year so my question is the same. Do I pick up an extra week after aug 2013 as it will begin my 25th year?
  4. The Blackadder

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    1989 plus 25 is 2014.
  5. Brownslave688

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    No after August 2014. After 25 years simple math. Had to explain this to a new hire that he doesn't hit full scale at the start of his 3rd year it's after 3 years
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    24 years and you haven't figured this out yet?? :zombismiley:
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    You earn it every 5 years so in aug of 2013 will begin the 25 th year. So, your saying I earn my vacation in my 26th year, that makes no sense. I bid my extra in my 9th, 14th, 19th. so why would 24th be any differnent. Its 5+1 with the 1 being after your seniority date. Aug 2013 will begin my 25 th year so the +1 comes after aug. Half the drivers agree and other half dont hince my post here.
  8. Brownslave688

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    Everyone here says you gotta wait another year. You get an extra week AFTER 5 years not beginning with your 5th year. It sounds like you have been getting all your extra weeks a year early in the past. I mean fill it out see what happens just don't make any plans for that week.
  9. westin

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    I'm saying you earn it in the 5th year. So, you get the extra week anytime after the beginning of your 5th year. aug 2013 will be the beginning of my 25 th year so I should get 5 weeks anytime and the +1 after aug. So some are saying you have to complete the 5th year thus getting the +1 any time after the beginning of the 6th year. I remember as well as other drivers getting an extra week in my 9th, 14th, 19th year with the +1 being after your seniority date in the every 5th year. In my defense, why would there be a +1 if you had to complete your 5 years before you could bid on it. The +1 is taken anytime in your 5th year not after.
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    Check your supplement. Mine says " present employees who have attained seniority prior to July 31, 1990 shall have a January vacation anniversary date of their employment year for the purpose of years of service in computing weeks earned". Does not matter if you made seniority is sept. you get the extra week in Jan of the anniversary year. Check yours.