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    I have been working for ups for a couple of months now and no one explained to me how vacation days work at ups. Do I get a week payed vacation for every year I have worked? or can I just ask for vacation days after a certain amount of time I have worked ther? I'll ask my supervisor eventually I just never get the chance,we are always busy.
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    A week for every year?? Does that mean I get 23 weeks off?

    You have to have worked here for a year before you get to take vacations, which start at two weeks and increase by 1 week every 5 years up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Some regions have an optional week which they are allowed to break up in to separate days or take collectively as one week. As with everything else, vacations are selected by seniority order by classification so basically your choices will be limited until you gain seniority. You are paid for your vacation two weeks before you take it.
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    Your Now a permanent UPS employee ask for a copy of the contract read it. You can read the national master agreement under Union issues on BC. Do a search online for your local supplement.

    You can go to UPS Contracts and Supplements | Teamsters for a Democratic Union but the supplement and riders listed there are only partial.

    Under the New England Supplement you get

    1 years = 1 weeks
    2 years = 2 weeks
    10 years = 3 weeks
    15 years = 4 weeks
    20 years = 5 weeks
    25 years = 6 weeks

    You can also combine a combination of 5 days from your 5 sick days and 3 personal days into another week. For another week of vacation.
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    Ohhh ok thanks for all the info guys. So those days I can combine,can I use those at the end of the year even thow it would be my first year working ther? That is ofcorse if I dont use those personal or sick days thru the year.
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    Vacation policy varies by region. In my region, instead of the five sick days + three optional holidays, we receive a vacation check (it's called our "option week") paid at 50-hours full-time and 25-hours part-time. All other weeks are paid at 40/20. We're not entitled to vacation until we've completed one-year with UPS, and our first option week is banked the first full-year following our hire. No time-off is to be scheduled between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the week following Christmas counts as a vacation week for the following year. We also receive two option-days (paid at 4-hrs PT) annually.

    *Employee has a September 2011 seniority date.
    In 2012, employee is eligible for one-week vacation, but it must be taken between September and Thanksgiving.
    In 2013, employee becomes eligible for second-week vacation as well as his option week. One week + option week can be taken anytime but second week must be taken between September and Thanksgiving.
    In 2014, employee may use his three weeks at anytime.
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