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    Ok, this has been gone over and over with Stewards, BA, and several employees.
    I guess the answers are all different depending on what contract you were hired under Maybe???

    So, I thought you worked at UPS for one year and got Vacation.

    I was told that after working at UPS for one year, you are Now Eligible to EARN Vacation, that UPS is Nice and LOANS you your vacations after the first year so you can take them, if you do not have enough hours before your first Vacation in the second year, say like March.

    Central States ----
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    You earn your vacation from the proceeding year. By the way it is the Central Region not central states.
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    That is how I have always said. But my BA said there is one working in the contract that says you START earning your vacation after the first year worked... I said NO I earned my vacation the year before. They have been taking people vacation pay back saying they don't think they will work enough hours this year... HUH? But if they do end up working enough hours to contact HR to get pay added back on? wow, talk about not getting a check the week you needed it and worked enough hours the year before...

    Central Region, My Bad...
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    Not sure what you think your BA said but CRT Art 16 sub (a) is fairly clear. After one year of employment an employee receives full vacation (plus option week) if they worked 1250 (625 part time) hours the previous year. That means vacation is offered to every eligible employee when they reach their anniversary date. Occasionally some pt's hired in late Oct/Nov will be SOL as all vacation weeks are taken and no vacations are allowed after Thanksgiving. In that case, they should get paid out. Some employees don't get enough hours in the first year to be eligible for full vacation after their anniversary date, hence the "take back".
    If your BA thinks vacation earning hours commence after one year, ask him to read the last sentence in Art 16(a). It clearly states employment date which unambiguosly means day one.
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    Take back in Vacation hours, or AFTER they were paid out on vacation? and they are doing this to people that have 8-16 years in service...
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    So what's up with your question about your BA saying vacations are earned after year one? If these guys have 8-16 years they're a bit past year one. Are you trolling???
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    Because they just started taking PAY away from these guys...
    Told them they would not be working enough hours during the current year to ear full vacations.
    Told them that if they did work enough hours to contact HR or Payroll and make sure the vacation pay was added back on.

    It is a Real Question, that I have spent several phone calls with the BA, and so have these people. We all ended up confused, because it went into there being different systems and contracts, and was sure payroll was right, haha.

    Start date, Seniority Date, One year from S Date, but that might not match Calendar year Vs. Vacations and so on...

    I guess what it ended up the answer being if the guy was hired say in June, then every year if he took Vacations BEFORE June then UPS was loaning him that Vacation. Even 12 year guys.... Since you Start earning your vacation after a year. I guess it talks about vacations in 2 or 3 spots, I will look it up again, BUT just wanted to get some of the old Union guys heads around this.
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    OK now its making sense...future vacation credits are "earned" from seniority date to seniority date. Lets use a July 1, 2010 seniority situation. The most this party could earn during 2013 for 2014 vacations would be 26 weeks. 26X40=1040 hours (ft) while 1250 is needed to get 100% of vacation days, so if this party tried to take all their vacation in January 2014, they would not have "earned" enough credits yet as they need another 210 straight time hours to hit 1250. Once they get there, sometime in February 2014, they get the full boat.
    A little confusing but just remember picking is on a calendar year, while earning is on anniversary (seniority) year.