Vacation selection process for p/t air drivers and 22.3 air driver/inside

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    Our center has six PM air drivers. Two are part-timers - the highest seniority is 1991
    The other 4 are 22.3 air driver/insider. The highest seniority 22.3 is 1995.

    They are all on the same vacation schedule, because we can only have 1 air driver out at time.
    What would be the order of selecting - by seniority date regardless of part-time or 22.3 status or would 22.3 select first? One of the 22.3 has a seniority date of 2006 - is it fair for him to pick prior to part-timer with 1991 seniority?
  2. UnsurePost

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    FT first then PT, in this area in this case.
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    Is there contract language to back that up? I can't think of any contract clauses that give full timer's vacation priority over part-timers.
  4. UnsurePost

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    When you go FT you get your FT seniority date. It states that when you go FT your vacation and option days are cashed in. So, you are in effect a new FT employee. The only date that matters, other than how many weeks vaca you get, is FT. And all FT employees pick before PT employees if they are in the same list.

    We just went through this a few weeks ago and the stewards explained it to me. Our Ft sup tried to make us pick by PT seniority dates even though some of us were PT and some FT. The FT employee does not go by the PT seniority date anymore, it basically no longer exists, aside from how many weeks vacation you accrue.
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    Here's what you do .... give both drivers that same week off . you can always claim that "someone" else made a special deal behind your back.
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    I am a 22.3 Combo PM Air driver/hub sorter, and we have 3 part time air drivers and 9 fulltime air drivers(7 combo, 2 shuttle drivers). Despite the fact that two of the part time drivers have more company seniority than some of the combo and fulltime drivers they are the last to get to pick their vacations. It goes full time by seniority first, then part time by seniority. I imagine this vacation picking routine is pretty standard across the country, but you can check with your BA just to be sure. Hope this helps.