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    Hi I was a Ups driver in Pa. and injured my back to the extent that I am no longer at Ups.I was injured on Aug 1,2003 and on May 7,2004 I took a payoff from Liberty Mutual and left Ups. I have been fighting for my Sick,personal and vacation days for 3 months and get nothing accomplished.My lawyer is worthless and the union will not help because I took a withdraw and they say I am not entitled to representation.
    Thank You
    any help would be appreciated
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    I feel ya. I still work at UPS and when I left for military leave I still had an option week hanging out there but they won't pay it to me now because I'm "not active".
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    Hi Rick I am in the process of haveing the union burn the rest of my vacation time. I have been off work since nov. of 03 with a spinal fusion.What was the liberty mutual dealings like?
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    I would think that the "payoff"
    you received INCLUDED whatever vacation days, sick days, and personal days you were due.
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    We discussed the payoffs in a thread before you came, did you feel it was a fair settlement? Although nothing is fair when you've had a serious injury, I realize that but I had heard they took into consideration many factors such as your age and years at your job. others said Not. How do you feel about the "payoff".
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    I am afraid 'vette is probably right.
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    What thread was that toonertoo?
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    It was about disability abuse,(or workers comp) the ones who are not truly injured, but abuse the system, and make it hard on the ones who truly are. It was in 2004, but I cannot seem to find it in the archives, maybe you know how, all I could find were threads from 2003.

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    The Archives go back to 1999... Nothing has been deleted, but some files have been compressed. That sometimes makes them more difficult to find if you are browsing through the threads.

    Have you tried using the Search function of the board? To narrow down the search try choosing The Archives under Search options: Search topic at the bottom of the search page.
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    Liberty Mutual was a pain there offers were low with out a lawyer you are done.I believe the standard is a 3 year severence pay,Liberty offered 1 year then 2 year and finally ended up with 3 year.In our area all unused sick and personal days are paid off May 1, I settled with Ups(liberty mutual May 7 ,should have been paid because I was still considerd employed till May 7.