Vacation starts today!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by stevetheupsguy, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. stevetheupsguy

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    Hey guys/gals, I'm on my way out. Going to the races in Homestead this weekend, courtesy of UPS. These tickets include breakfast, lunch, dinner and meet and greet the crews.

    Next weekend off to NYC to see mom and the city. I'm taking my youngest on her first airplane ride. I'll be back with plenty of stories, to go along with the bazillion pictures I take. Have a great week
  2. scratch

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    I'm off too, I gotta burn week 6 before peak. I took my last one about as late as I could. Week after next, I work three days and will then enjoy a four day Thanksgiving holiday. Then there will be only eighteen working days until Christmas!:happy2:
  3. moreluck

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    ENJOY , everybody !!

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Hey Steve

    You are going to have a lot of fun.
    I won a raffle here to go up to Loudon for the race.

    Brought my wife up and we were treated first class all the way.
    Met Jarrett and Ruetimann, got a UPS backpack full of stuff, walked on pit road, and quite honestly had the best seats in the racetrack.
  5. looper804

    looper804 Is it time to go home yet

    I ditto that.Won a trip to the 2006 Daytona 500.1st class all the way.Have a great time.I know you will.
  6. over9five

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    Steve, those guys are LYING! You will hate it.

    Just send those tickets to me, and I will.....uhhh....take care of them for you.....yeah, rip 'em up, that's what I'll do.... yeah send them to me.
  7. Channahon

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    Have a great vacation and give a cheer for Jimmie Johnson, he's my favorite driver.

    And I love NYC have been there a few times. and one of my most memorable times was having dinner with my daughter, niece and sister, when the girls graduated from high school. And our dinner was Windows of the World atop the World Trade Center.

    Little did we know then what would happen in the future, but it was a wonderful trip. Have a wonderful time, and make sure Broadway is in your plans.
  8. Cementups

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    Yeah, no Steve :o
  9. mattwtrs

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    Did #44 win the pole because Steve was going to the Race??
  10. MonavieLeaker

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    Have fun in Homestead....Plan on going down to Homestead in 2010 for the IRL race
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No, I think the other 42 drivers just felt sorry for him and backed off during their qualification runs.
  12. Cementups

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    I think the #44 actually wont hte pole because Steve was driving hte car and we all know that everything Steve dose is touched with awesomenes.