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    I have only been with the company for a little over 6 months and still not really sure how vacation time works. I was hired as a seasonal driver back at the beginning of November worked till about mid January was only gone about a week before they called me back up and offered me a ft cover driver position. So about a month ago my supervisor tells me I need to pick my vacation week and that my options are week ending 5/3 5/10 or some week in next April. I picked 5/10 which was last week. So I was off all last week thinking I was getting paid for this but when I went to grab my check yesterday I didn't have one and when I told them I was on vacation they said I wasn't even eligible yet for one. I mean I don't want to make to big of a deal about this but does this sound right. I can't talk to my supervisor about it until next week because he's on vacation.
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    You earn your vacation and personal days the year before you use them. So, if you've been there less than one year you don't have any paid time off. Personally I'm surprised they even allowed you to take a vacation
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    So basically my supervisor doesn't really know what's going on because he also said I would be eligible for personal days at the beginning of this month as well.

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    You are correct. Look at the bottom of your paystub, it should give you how much time off you have accrued. My guess is that it should say all 0's.
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    If you had paid vacation time you would have been paid for that 2 weeks prior to said vacation.
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    Supervisor not knowing what's going on? Inconceivable!