Vacation - When can you have it?


Chris G1VDP
Hello All,

Need help with a minor, no major problem. I am supposed to be going to visit Alderney in the Channel Islands this coming weekend as part of a team for the biggest contest in the radio callendar, BUT UPS managment will not sanction the holiday - this has been ongoing since May where my supervisor advised to book and keep trying to get the time off - and now I am being told I cannot go. With this I have now lost £400.00 (About $600.00 US) and cannot get this money back.

What advice would any old timers be able to give me with who to approach and maybe talk to about the problem. I still have the flight tickets and accomodation etc available to me, but the team are trying to find a replacement.

All this is starting to get to me as I am losing sleep and getting stressed as I am letting a team down and not just myself. I am also worried about the loss of the money and I know that with letting the team down I will not be invited on another event with them, this is the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work in my hobby to get the invite! Imagine being invited to play in the superbowl or Dunhill Cup (Golfs amateur equivalent to the Ryder Cup) and then having to say no at the last minute, because of bad advise by your supervisor!

All advice gratefully received.

Chris Colclough


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Wow, sorry to hear you're going through this hassle. Have you spoken to the center or hub manager? I've seen folks let off for very special events like this even though they didn't have the time scheduled. Seems that something you've worked so hard for would be respected by the company.

Have you asked about why they won't let you off? If they already have too many scheduled for vacation maybe you could ask one of your co-workers if they'd mind switching time off with you.

Last resort is to call in sick. If it's only a couple days and your attendance is good it might work. If it's a full week and you call in every day they might require a doctor's excuse. Not sure on that but calling in sick two days in a row shouldn't get you in any trouble except for the dirty looks and snide remarks they may throw at you. And it sounds like it's worth a few dirty looks.

You might also want to talk to your union rep who would know all the attendance rules and tricks. Hope you can work this out and congratulations on your high standing in the radio deal! dw


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Check with your union ba, I think you can call in for just "personal reasons", but not sure how many days you can take.:confused:1


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Just make sure you go, one way or the other. If you don't, you will never forgive yourself and always resent the company.

Call the team NOW, and tell them you won't be letting them down. You will be there!


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All i'll say is good luck!!

Booking holidays at our centre is a joke, unless you want it 3 years in advance there no point in trying to get the dates you want. You can hand in a form and it will get dealt with once a month when someone can be bothered to deal with it. We had some new forms in recently and the joke was that they were preprinted with "rejected" on them lol

Most people in our centre phone in sick if they need a dental appointment or something similar as they are usually told they cant get the morning/day off to attend.


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Quit being a pus and call in sick!!!!!
If its important to you do it. they cant fire you for attendance if you dont have a warning letter for a prior occurance. just make sure its notmore than 2 consecutive day, or youll need a doctors note.
Oh and smirk when you come in the day after!!