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  1. evilleace

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    Alright guys me family and I meaning Me my younger brother and my Mom are going on a 5-10 day vacation next Sep. I am looking for some good ideas on places to go in the U.S. that are not to expensive and are nice that time of year. Thanks for the help guys.:happy-very:
  2. fethrs

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    Flying, driving? I say look at Taos NM but I'm prejudiced cus I've lived there, but it's beautiful in the fall, or Durango Co, where I am now which is a nice town and lots to do. Look around, get on some websites and check out the deals.If you find one now it will be cheap if you need tickets for anything. Or you could come down to San Diego, but it may not be that cheap...Good luck keep us posted.
  3. jimstud

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    cape cod in september is awesome the weather is still nice and after labor day the tourists and the prices drop
  4. moreluck

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    Stay away from California......we don't want any more people falling in love with the weather and moving here. Steer Clear !!
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    Ah More I was getting ready to invite him to California! Hey we could use the money too. Come on over Evil lots of stuff to do here. What are you interests it will help us narrow down a region?:happy2:
  6. DS

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    If I was you (which I aint) but being an expert on road trips:) drive east to the east coast and go up the coast from NC VA and MD and shoot for cape cod if you feel like going that far...take a small car and stop along the way to enjoy the local food.Or go the other way and go see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota:)
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    Since you are from Indiana head east. Take US RTE 6 across Ohio, Pa., & NY. If it is late September the leaves will be changing and the views can't be beat!