Vancouver Winter Olympics !

Discussion in 'Sports' started by klein, Feb 4, 2010.

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    What a way to start :

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    Klein can be the Official Olympic Reporter from Canada with a thread all to himself and we can just check in from time to time to see how things are going........yeah, right.
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    I saw a news report that showed they had a snow shortage and were truucking it in from somewhere.We are getting another 24+ today ,we can send them some.
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    The same happened in Lake Placid in 1980.
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    I care very little for the Summer Olympics but I'm all over the Winter Games especially the downhill. Throw away the brakes, tuck it in and make the bonzi run. But I was saddened to hear of the tragic death of Nodar Kumaritashvi on his practice run today. It was known that this track was going to brutally fast but no one foresaw the tragedy. And there have been 2 other sliders hurt on this track as well earlier today including gold medal favorite Armin Zoeggeler of Italy.

    Watching those runs pushing 90 mph won't be as much fun knowing what it cost.

    RIP Nodar
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    Hey Klein: It has come to my attention that in the last two olympics that were held on canadian soil, that the canadians failed to win a single gold medal. Okay , the Montreal one was a summer olympics, understandable. But Calgary was a winter olympics. Come on...... Hopefully, you guys will get off the "snide" this time around.
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    Apparently, Klein hasn't been here in awhile because he has bigger problems to deal with. He met someone on an internet chat and went to go meet her. Here is how his date turned out:

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    That oversight is an embarassment for Canada.There is no way to apologize to his parents .I only hope that the professionals... that designed the luge sleep well after they fix it.very sad start to the games
  11. Klein:
    LI didn't view the video you posted; but I'm glad that you're back. I watched the opening of the Games and look forward to the US thrashing the CN on all snow and ice-related sports. Everyone knows that the US can put more pucks in the net than any Canuck on an off day.... L'Chaim :wink2:
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    I watched that video, they showed it on the NBC Nightly news last night. It did come with a warning, but something that graphic should never ever be shown on regular television. I thought about looking for it and posting a link here, but if anyone wants to see it all they have to do is google it. Its very very sad, 21 years old and all he wanted to do was repreesent his country.
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    Klein, thanks, I just LOVE the Olympics, I think it is a GREAT video!!
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    I don't agree these are professionals. He was somewhat inexperienced, got off track. Yes it is terrible, my condolenses to all and they do plan to revise the track somewhat. I'm sure it was not reckless.
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    I also saw this on NBC last night and agree that they should not have aired it, with or without the warning. My daughter said that the version she watched showed them performing CPR.

    I cannot imagine that flight back to their native country with their fallen teammate on the same plane.
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    I watched the video online and that guy didn't have a chance the way he hit that pole.
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    I'm sorry, were the words too big?

    You don't think they are going to send a plane all the way from Georgia or wherever he was from just to bring him back, do you? I would bet that his casketed remains will be flown back in the hold of the plane.
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    Well, still in Florida for 3 more days. Watched the opening ceromonies here. Terrific and totally spectacular job !
    Be beack soon, to haunt you all..LOL
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    Canada's flag is 45 yrs. old today (1965 the year I graduated). Maybe their flag was a graduation present for me !!