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    I am going to Vegas in February, where my daughter is getting married. Her soon to be husband has been there before, and is staying and getting married at the Venetian hotel. I guess he has planned to be wed on a bridge over the rivers in the hotel. My wife and I have never been to Vegas, and we have asked him whats a good hotel to stay at. I cannot afford the Venetian, and am looking at the Paris, which is with air and hotel for the week will run about 1300.00 for the week, opposed to his 5,000.00 . I have asked him and he says that is a nice hotel, I have read the reviews and has good mixed reviews. However, I feel that seeing as we all look out for each other, maybe some of you could give me your opinions. My wife and I wanna stay close to there hotel without spending that kind of money. Any advise would be great, and also spots of interest?
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    Harrah's is right next door to Venetian and Mirage is right across the street.

    Check with for the map of the casino/hotels and get prices too.
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    Save yourself some more money and book at Bally's, which is connected to Paris and is one of the few union hotels left in Vegas. I tend to stay at Bally's myself when in Vegas and have never had any problems. Its not a dump by any means, but it is no Bellagios, but when your in Vegas all you need the room for is to shower and sleep.IMO
  4. moreluck

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    Bally's is very nice. We used to stay there all the time. We now stay off strip nearer to where our daughter lives.

    Can't go wrong with Bally's.
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    Rent a car and visit Hoover Dam.
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    Be sure and check out the indoor garden in the and gorgeous! Good spot for photos.
  7. ideliver2u67

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    I am not a gambler by any means. I might dump a few bucks into the slots,but 20 bucks is a lot for me. Just alot of sight seeing and relaxing. The paris looks nice. seems to be a fairly cheap sight to shop on.
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    Me personally, I would check out ebay.

    Here is an example :

    And trust me , Wyndham Resorts are very first class !
    If it's a little out of the way, rent a car, and you'll still be better off.

    Plus, you'll be able to get cheap show tickets there.

    Ebay does wonders for travel plans.!!!

    Speaking of that, I'm currently bidding on a double locked in suite in Cancun for Jan 9th to Jan 23rd. If someone is interessted it will only cost them $400 a week for 2 people. And if it's the first week, you'll have 3 days all to yourself.
    Luxery resort. Patio entrance leads to the beach (ground floor) - just steps to the ocean.
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    Wish I didnt have to save for Vegas, I would much rather go to Cancun.
  10. klein

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    Well, that wyndham is open for bid all of Feb. I would take it if I was you.
    That will save you $800 or more.

    Besides, it's a luxery suite... 2 full bedrooms,living room, balconey, kitchen, laundry, dishwasher, pots, pans, dishes...swimming pool, coffee machine , toaster.
    It's a home away from home (not just a hotel room), and so big it sleeps up to 8 people with the hide a beds, or wallunits that turn into double beds.

    Wonderful deal !
  11. ideliver2u67

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    That sounds great, but they are getting married feb 12. We are going on feb 10th to the 17th, so I dont know if ebay will accomadate my dates.
  12. klein

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    Here is for most of that week.
    Look at the link, and send the seller (he is a timeshare owner that can't make it ) if he has your dates available.

    Sleeps soo many people, you could save money, by inviting another couple into it (Like I said it sleeps up to 8 people)....

    But, to be comfortable. I wouldn't go more then 6.
    Has 2 full bathrooms too.

    $479 for the week ! Can't beat it.

    It normally goes for $250 a day !

    Or this one at MGM at $110 per night ( a bit steep, but cheaper then booking it normally)
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  13. cachsux

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    Of all the ones I`ve stayed at I like the Rio,all suites. One of the best seafood buffets in the city. Don`t worry about being next door,take a cab. door to door the fastest way around town.
  14. ideliver2u67

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    What can I expect to pay for buffets at the Rio, or nearby casinos?? Not that it really matters, but just so I have an idea.
  15. klein

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    When I was there, they are normally cheap.
    Cheaper then elsewhere in the states most times.
    $20 gets you a full buffett.... but these days I don't know anymore.

    Please , don't forget to check out this link to MGM.
    It's a whole suite for $110 per night.
    It's right on the strip. Very close by !
    You'll have it better then bride and groom !!!
  16. cachsux

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    $ 10-15 for the less expensive. $25 for the seafood one at the Rio (last time I was there),but the bright side was if it could be killed and drug out of the ocean it was on that buffet. We had baby lobster tails piled on a platter like some places have shrimp.
  17. ideliver2u67

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    Thanks Klein, I am gonna e-mail the seller of that. I t sounds great.
  18. ideliver2u67

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    Cach, thank you. I really dont know what to expect in Vegas. This is definatly not my destination of choice. But it will be fun. I unlike my future son-in-law have to be money conscious. I bust my butt and he works maybe an hour or two a day selling rare coins, and is very well off.
  19. klein

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    No problem.
    But, personally, I would go with the wyndham suite !
    Those are Gold Timeshares (1st class resorts).
    And for less then $500 a week (normally $250 a day), I would jump on it !

    Here are pics from the wyndham suite :

    Again, you'll have it better then bribe and groom !!!

    All that amazing suite for under $500 a week !
    It's like living a King and Queens life !
  20. Cementups

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    Rio is off the strip FYI so everything s a cab ride away. I've walked to the Rio from teh strip once but not sure I would want to do it everyday. I stayed at teh Mirage in August and it was freakin' awesome. try a few different sites and you may be able to get some awesome deals at any of the hotels anywhere is Vegas. Paris should be good and it is pretty much right in the middle of the strip. But just buy a bus pass for hte week and everything is just a ride away from almost every hotel. And if you are worried about cheap gambling, just take a ride out to the old part of Vegas where all the neon and llights are. $3 crap FTW