veterans day ...? do we report to work on this holiday ? package loaders

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pkg handler, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. pkg handler

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    as the title says i wasnt sure if we had work on this holiday ?
  2. this is indeed a working holiday if it falls during the week, but you get paid 4 hrs just for showing up and then whatever you work that day is paid at time and a half (at least here in Worcester, MA). If it falls on a weekend then you just get the 4 hrs of holiday pay. If you haven't made seniority (and you may have, I'm just saying in general) I'm not sure how it works because it was 3 years ago for me (I was hired in around this time). I know by contract I didn't get the 4 hrs holiday pay, but I can't remember if I got time and a half or not for hours worked.
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    Check your Supplemental Agreement language in you contract book. You DO have a book, don't you?

    In Central Region supplement, it states:

    "A regular seniority employee shall not be required to work on the following eight (8) named holidays..." and Veterans Day is not one of them. It is business as usual on this day, which is always observed on Mondays following an edict many years ago from the priest of holiday observations.

    In other words, in Central Region, you don't get no day off, you don't get no extra pay, you don't get nuttin but what you actually put in.
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    We only get 7 major holidays off

    New Year's Day
    Memorial Day
    July 4th
    Labor Day
    Christmas Day
    New Year's Eve

    am I missing one here?!?!?
  5. maybrown

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    After Thanksgiving day

    If you work on this day you earn double time!
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    we work on monday straight pay ,and get an extra days pay for the holiday in Ma.
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    sorry work day it is! even if YOUR a vet! At least it is in indy.
  8. pkg handler

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    yea so theres work tommorrow im assuming ? but is it reg. pay or is it time and a half or what .... Im pretty new to this lol
  9. Big Babooba

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    In the New England Supplement, Veteran's Day, Columbus Day and the day after Thanksgiving are paid holidays. If you are required to work on those days, you are paid for the holiday (8 hrs - F/t & 4 hrs P/T) plus time and a half for all hours worked. I'd rather have the time off.
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    What Holidays do you get off in Canada?
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    I'm moving to New England. I want the pay for holidays and I want the time off.
  12. it depends where you are. In new england PTimers get paid for 4 hrs (the holiday pay) and then time and a half for all hours worked. you may only get straight time where you are. Its all in what the regional supplements dictate. If you tell us what area of the country you work in, we would be better able to help you.
  13. I always got time and half for hours worked on a vet. and columbus day in addition to the 4hrs straight time holiday pay.
  14. tritese

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    18 years at jax hub and i have always worked veteran's day and no holiday pay......
  15. dcdriver

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    Federal Government is closed in Wash. DC I have the dayoff.
  16. Coldworld

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    does anyone know how many more paid days off the post office has than ups or fedex???
  17. rod

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    unless things have changed since I retireed you have to remember that although the USPS seems to get a lot more days off I don't believe they get the friday after Thanksgiving or New Years Eve off. And they also work 6 days a week.
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    Actually, they usually only work 5 days a week. It's just that they have one of those 6 days off, in rotation.
  19. rod

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    ya learn something every day :surrender

  20. Just down the interstate from you and we will be working.