view from space


Theres a free new program from google called google earth that lets you view sattelite images from space.Zoom in on your delivery area,try to find
your truck.Its much more detailed in major cities,but for the most part, even if you`re in the sticks,you`ll find your house,its worth checking out @


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Its very cool, but out of date. Some houses that have been there three years aren't there in the sat image.


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I have captured photos from space of the house where I was born in Leominster Massachusetts and every house I have ever lived in since that time. One house had been razed but I got the neighborhood. Also got photos of churches, schools and several work places. I put them all in my family history files for our children.

Google covers Japan as well as the USA so I did the same for the places where I lived there and of travel spots visited.

Very interesting stuff.

For thousands of great photos of just about anywhere in the world, visit TrekEarth. It is a fantastic web site.