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  1. filthpig

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    It doesn't seem to be as heavy as it has been in recent years. Is it just me or is this $3 a gallon gas hurting?
  2. tups

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    I don't agree. In my center volume seems up for sure, and has been the last 3 weeks compared to last year. We run 5 extra split routes this year compared to 3 last year, and guys are still getting help. The only difference is that they are cracking down on going over 9.5 a lot more than last year..... But last night I delivered 340 stops, punched out at 9:00 pm. Would have done 385 but they called everyone in at 8:15 due to the problems with ice and snow we had from the storm we had this weekend.
  3. Channahon

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    The Volume is on its Way

    UPS's Brown Sleighs Gear up for Busiest Week

    Posted: 2007-12-17 08:04:52
    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)----UPS (NYSE:UPS) today begins its busiest week of the year for package deliveries, with a crescendo expected on Wednesday when more than 22 million packages will be delivered on that one day worldwide.

    For the Brown "sleighs" helping Santa, that's more than 250 deliveries every second.

    The nimbleness of the UPS global package delivery network enables the company to easily accommodate these annual spikes in package volume.

    Other key facts that describe the enormity of the UPS holiday push:

    -- While Wednesday, Dec. 19, is the busiest day for deliveries of all packages, Friday, Dec. 21, is the busiest day for deliveries of UPS air express packages. UPS will deliver 5.6 million air packages on that day globally - more than two-and-a-half times the normal daily volume.

    -- UPS expects more than 150 million online package tracking requests during this week and nearly 32 million on Wednesday, Dec. 19, alone.

    -- UPS once again has become one of the holiday season's top employers of choice, having added roughly 60,000 seasonal employees.

    -- UPS's ground fleet of 94,542 package cars, vans, and tractors has expanded by approximately 7,000 vehicles.

    -- UPS Airlines, the ninth largest in the world, is adding 423 more flights per day during this week than an average day.

    -- Attention procrastinators: UPS will accept Next Day Air(R) packages on Friday, Dec. 21, for delivery on Monday, Dec. 24, well in time for the big day.
  4. scratch

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    Volume seems to be down to me this year, nothing like in the past. My Center got four new routes in a few months back and our volume is still lower than last year. My Fedex and USPS competitors say its the same over there too. I think its the economy, people are spending less this year. Peak Day is tomorrow though, so its not over yet.
  5. over9five

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    Internet sales are up 30% over this date last year. That volume must be coming here. I stopped by my old center today, and they said it's the heaviest Peak ever.
  6. browniehound

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    Thats it Over, rub it in again, lol. The guys you did "battle" with last x-mas are struggling through a bad peak. 2 Major snowstorms and heavy volume, while you sit up there on your "high feeder" seat!

    When you visited the old center, did you see your former on-car at all?

    I ask this because THAT would make me feel good and make MY X-mas, knowing he is going through all the normal BS that goes with every peak, while its business as usual for you. Good luck the rest of the way,

  7. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Ha! No, the on-cars were all on-road! They were struggling with how to get the airs back, cause no-one was going to make the air door.
  8. dirty moose

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    i asked the boss yesterday; what the rest of the week was gonna be like, he told me Monday was gonna be the worst day, and it was still light. well see tomorrow tho.

    volume is defffffffff lighter than last year.
  9. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    how would you have liked to be in over 9.5 's feeder seat on sunday morning around 600 am on unplowed , un sanded 495 pulling doubles or thursday afternoon during that storm that shut down most of 95 ???? he earned his money then and only a handful on this board would have jumped in his seat those days if called to step up to that plate!!!!! this is not a slam brownie just my point of view iv been through plenty of storms in a p 1000 and quite of few in a feeder were the risk of death is far greater!!!! merry christmas !!!
  10. pkg-king

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    Volume way up in our center, so far our busiest day was Monday.
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

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    We are running 4 or 5 cars more than this week last year and now that we have EDD the work load is being spread out more evenly. For most of the center anyway. Our volume is definately up from last year but so far peak has been going by smoothly. I just don't agree with the dispatch sup catering to certain drivers and getting them in between 7:30-8:00 while drivers on adjacent routes are overloaded due to their add/cuts and staying out until 9:00 to 10:00. I wouldn't mind it to much if it happened to me because I look at it as extra $$ but at the same time I think it's kind of screwed up. I heard one driver say that those drivers the dispatch sup takes care of now will get theres theirs during the first couple of weeks of January when the dipatch sup is forced to cut a third of the routes. :)
  12. edd_tv

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    today was one of the worst days i have seen in my bldg. 14 extra routes and 37 helpers out. we usually only have 36-38 routes. two "extra"trailers they didnt plan on getting. getting out of the building 40 minutes late. chaos all along the belt this morning. and of course our dispatch sup waits until the busiest time of the year to completely change my route and give me stuff i have never ran before. 138 miles driven with 176 stops, 386 pcs. 19 i had to sheet as nsn. and of course i should have been in under 9/5
  13. 2Slow

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    My center brought back at least 500 stops and probably more like 1000 stops tonight.
    I saw a couple of trucks with well over 100 stops NDA.
    I heard of one that had almost 200...
  14. DS

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    Its busier this year here in Toronto this year,late ground and air and meetpoints every day.The only thing keeping me under 12 hrs is NO COMMITS,our ctr mngr said he'd rather see it delivered late than have missed.It blows my mind how many stops some of you guys do.Yesterday,I did 85 deliveries 75 miles 20 reg pu and 15 oncalls and I had a 1214 paid day.Out of those stops about 20 were resis 7 were cods.I del 197 pkgs and p/u 220...I ran .65 overallowed...at ths rate 340 stops would take me about 34 hours to do.
  15. satellitedriver

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    Heavy here.
    I hate select comfort beds.
    Light weight, but take up too much room in a P5,during peak.
    Especially, when it is for the last delivery of the day/night!!!
  16. 25yrvet

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    VERY heavy in my neck of the woods. Weather is very uncooperative also. The regional economy (energy) is really keeping things booming here.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    What a difference a year makes. Last year this week, I was delivering in shorts in Connecticut. It was in the high 50's 60's all month, with not even a sniff of snow in the forecast.
    Now we cant even have 3 days without a chance of snow. Obviously, we're expected that our helpers don't hurt themselves on the sheets of ice on peoples driveways and concrete steps (with no handrail):angry:

    Volume seems very heavy this week, and we are also given a 830pm curfew to be off the clock. WHY DONT THEY DO THAT EVERYDAY
  18. brett636

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    Being an air combo worker I see both the hub side volume and package car volume which I judge by the availability of trucks when I go in at 6:00 pm. Last year I was always able to get a package car except for the heaviest day of peak when I had to take out an econoline van and come back to pick up a package car to do my last stop. This year I have found it almost impossible to get a truck of any kind, and last night I was forced to take out a super van. What I find odd is that the volume being processed in the hub seems less than years past, but we have been running a Saturday sort every week of peak.
  19. david cassin

    david cassin dublinbrown

    our volume in ireland has gone through the roof,if our dublin center we have people from our billing center delivering,managers and whoever they can get their hands on
    all down to bad planning as we could see the volume rising from
    october and now its unbelievable.unfortunately they never ask our opinions even after 19 years of seeing constant growth.
    someone says the us economy is in downturn,not according to your exports to europe they are up and according to some colleagues in the uk they are experiencing serious volume
    great to see ...keep it coming
    and after all our hard work all we get is a tin box of a few milka bars
    worth a couple of euro.thats the gratitude we get for our hard year
    merry christmas and a happy new year to all my fellow workers around the world without:happy2: us ups would be nothing.
  20. Jlemansk

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    Our center is down an average of 1000 stops per day. I just got a helper last Thursday. Lets face is, the economy is weak. Gas is through the roof causing everything else to rise. The cost of living rose 4% in one quarter, largest amount in 34 years.