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    Question I'm with you. I have 2 accounts that have split their business between UPS and FedEx for years. Recently they have given me all of their business. I wish I could tell you that it was something I did to get their business but the truth of the matter is they switched to UPS because FedEx kept screwing things up. Our overall center volume is also up. We are busier than ever.
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    I had a customer today tell me that our service is superior to f-word company's. One thing I've learned UPS is never satisified at good results-we can always do better. That's why I never hear my supervisor say "good job yesterday". I always hear, "what happened yesterday- why were you over allowed". Gee you didn't see the cod that took 5 minutes to get, or the "ltl" load I had to deliver to a 4th story apartment without an elevator. 6 trips up stairs. Then I hear, "according to the numbers you get .05 seconds to deliver- blah blah blah." I think so what, my customers are satisfied with me, I bust my butt, and I'm glad my life isn't surrounded by numbers.

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    In my district I would say we have seen the bleeding slow down. Overall we are still down about 7 percent from march of last year.
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    I belive it's called constructive dissatisfaction. By the way, nice job yesterday!!!
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    You CAN say it was something you did.You, and thousands of other UPSer, didn't screw up like FedEx has. You should take pride in the job you're dong everyday.
    Keep up the good work and UPS will have more customers like the ones you discribed.
    Thank you!!
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    ups vette: I agree completely. We need to keep working hard to keep the volume we have (and we are), and get back the volume we lost to FedEx.