Vote "no" On 2008 Contract

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hoff3378, Oct 17, 2007.

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    {pasting the same thing multiple times in several threads is spam - url and account deleted}
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    I'm voting yes! It is agood solid contract!
  3. BrownShark

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    You are clearly either retarded or failed basic english comprehension.

    Lets try and prove your point by explaining why its a solid contract and your rational for stating so other than simply making a general conclusion based on ????

    Please inform us as to your thinking.

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    Perhaps it was a sarcastic response to the same "retarded or failed basic english comprehension" of the original poster. :wink:
  5. Cole

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    Or maybe it's another manager trying to get us to vote yes on a contract the company wrote. :wink:
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    Explains the good sentence structure.:cool:
  7. Vote no too many givebacks not enough recieved
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    I see an epic thread forming.
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    Do you even have a clue what they (UPS) asked for in nogotiations???/ How bout a weeks vacation taken away, or how bout raising the retirement age, talk to somebody who was in on negotiations, it is an eye opener. I talked to a Shop Steward who was in on negoatiations, and if you think this is bad go ahead and vote no and if it doesnt pass I dont want to hear any winning
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    Fixed.... :wink:
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    Hoffa, is that you?
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    Sounds like someone needs a Backbone implant!
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    It's amazing how stupid some rank can be. Today, a dozen suits came to the building including district and division managers to tell every one how good this contract is. All the while our business agent stands by looking stupid, saying nothing. These are the same suits that screw us week after week and year after year and everyone knows it. They frequently complain about the butchers and there ruthless tactics. I can't post the comments here that most people have to say about the blood sucking leaches.

    But now, today, all of a sudden people quietly listen to their propaganda and are bamboozled by their venom. Our business agent is out to lunch on the whole thing except when he aligns w/mngmt to push a yes vote and crucify those that have an opposing view. We know and expect this crap from the company, but we don't see this ugly part of the Union very much. Pretty shocking!!

    Don't be pushed around by fear tactics and don't live under a cloud of fear! Stand up and be proud of your part of the success of this great company. Demand a fair part of this success and don't feel guilty about it. How long will you live as a spineless puke living in fear?

    Vote no on all!
    Master, supplements, riders
    send a message to the IBT and to our local leaders
    Wake Up!
  14. sawdusttv

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    "OH LORD" that was awful, I didn't mean that! Lord please forgive me, and please bless the starvin Pygmies in New Guinea. "GET ER DONE":w00t:
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    The company guys have a right to tell you they feel they made a good offer and why they feel that way. It does not hurt anything to listen to their point of view and its possible you may learn something that the company haters are not telling you.

    With that said Your elected representatives went and negotiated a contract that they felt represented what you folks told them you wanted in the order you said you wanted it.

    With all negotiations that are give and take. The company has things they ask for that they feel they need to have the flexibility to compete in the open market. Keep in mind that our main competitor is a company that is for all intents and purposes non union. They have all the flexibility to compete and take your volume and eventually your jobs. We on the other hand have to negotiate with your union representatives to get some flexibility on certain issues that we feel are critical to our continued success.

    You can get things all your way and you won't have a company strong enough to compete with a non union fdx.

    I see a lot of posters here putting the contract offer down that don't appear to have done their homework. Part of the homework is listening to the business agents who helped negotiate the offer to find out why they feel its a good offer or the best one for everyone involved.
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    Maybe someone can tell me why Article 14 will eliminate the concept of "past practice" regarding won grievances. This could result in unbridled harassment, wholesale terminations and genocide of the species known as " hourly union employee". But, by God, we got our retirement package!
    Maybe I will learn why Article 34 apparently says normal retirement age is 65. This must be good?
    Maybe I will enjoy Article 34 when, not if, the company decides it needs $.35 to bolster the pension.
    Maybe I will rejoice when Article 26 allows sub contracting of feeder work to the point that no new runs are available to the senior feeder drivers and no new feeder drivers are being trained. For those in pkg car that are trying to get out.....good luck.
    And finally, I know it's not important but someone thought it was important enough to change the word "handicap" in article 36 to "physical disability". I wonder which side of the negotiating table this came from and what the real intent is?
    For those who can't tell, this post is laden with sarcasm. The "retirement carrot" is being dangled in front of our noses at the cost of some other very important language.
    I'm voting "NO".
  17. Damok

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    I think organizing some Fed Ex Home Delivery is a small but important step to helping those folks out. I'd be willing to bet UPS wouldn't be too :censored2: off each time we get some more brothers and sisters over there ;)
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    People seem to forget the power we have on our side as a Union. We have more power in numbers as proven in 97. We seem to have lost sight of this fact. Ups is a service company that relies heavily on public image. And their public image is us,the drivers. We hold more cards in these negotiations than the International appears to think we hold! I say for a company who shows record profits like this, we should have been offered more for all the sweat and pain that it takes to do this job day in and day out! The reason for this companies success is the Teamsters who work for them!
  19. NO ONE

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    Do you really believe the strike of 97 made gains....lost wages for 3 weeks (how long does that take to make up)...O wait central states pension worth almost nothing. That was one of the big issues why their was a strike,teamsters did'nt want to give up the pension...That was a good reason to strike:w00t:
  20. k78333

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    No matter the reason,we had solidarity. It's true we may have lost 3 weeks wages but we held them off from what they wanted at the time(our pension)! We gained at that strike. We had most of the working class behind us. We had gotten a whole new respect in the Labor Movement that still holds true today! And hatred from the company that is still directly a result of that strike. That,in my opinion, is a defeat for the Union. Not to be company yesmen as it appears we are heading. The company throws a thousand demands on the table and we run scared. We agree to almost anything! Let's get the balls to stand back up to this company before we lose it all! Remember this is UPS we're dealing with.