Voting out a shop steward...

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  1. Is it true that this can be done ? I ask because the steward in our building is a total kiss ass to management and simply agrees with whatever they say rather than actually defending us union members...
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    Have you talked to your BA?

    Let me guess... He's a management kiss ass too?

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    Do you work for ups?
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    You need to get 51% of the people to sign a sheet to vote again. Or in my case, to vote the first time. They just appointed ours.
  5. Yes I do and have been since 07/2015.
  6. Ok, cool ! Appreciate the genuine information that isn't full of sarcasm and demeaning.
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    Circulate a petition and present it to the e-board during your next union meeting.
    If there is enough support, something will probably be done. If not, vote them out.

    That being said, you were being pretty vague. I've had members get mad at me because they were being written up for chronic, unexcused absenteeism.
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    1-try to read the contract and memorize as much as you can.( im trying at least 1 article per week)
    2- run next election against your current steward
    3- profit$$$$