VP Debate - Sarah held her own

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hoaxster, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Monkey Butt

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    Sarah held her own with personality and populism versus the experience and point by point attack by Biden.
    She lost the debate on points but clearly won the debate overall by not faltering on anything.
  2. scratch

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    I thought Palin did well. A poll on Drudge has her winning it 3 to 1. She is much more likable than Biden, she comes across like a everyday person, one of us. Biden made at least ten factual mistakes, maybe more.
  3. GlenBurnie

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    If you mean by 'held her own' she didn't make a fool of herself, okay.

    Care to name the 10 factual errors Biden made?
    Did Sarah actually answer any of the questions, or did she just act folksy and wink?
  4. drewed

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    she stumbled through a little bit, and there were some factual errors on both sides
    she did what she needed to do, no major stumbles, not getting caught off guard by biden
  5. GlenBurnie

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    She came right out and said she wouldn't answer the questions, and she was true to her word, I'll give her that.
  6. GlenBurnie

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  7. tieguy

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    she scored a lot of points on style and warmth of personality. She even had Biden laughing with her at points. much friendlier sounding debate then the presidential one which tended to have both debaters looking up tight.
  8. Bad Gas!

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    I think Biden has a little crush on Padin..He was giving her his frienly smile.Maybe they had a couple of drinks afterword.He looked like he had fun talking to a beautiful, firey young politician.Something he probably has never stumbled on in the Democratic Party...Cheers to Palin...Like all debates.If ask the ABC,NBC, CNN, New Yok Times,Rolling Stone Mag., the Hollywood crowd, etc. etc.. then Biden won...If you ask Fox News or conservative talk shows then Palin won...But we knew these answers before the show.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    She said she may not answer the questions in the format that both Biden and Gwen (the moderator) are accustomed to but never said she wouldn't answer the questions. Perhaps you should work in politics with the way you spin the truth.
  10. pretender

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    I thought she far exceeded expectations, which have been steadily lowered as a result of the "gotcha" media. The person that we first met last summer was back last night. I think the polls will show that she was at least able to temporarily stop the trend toward Obama, and give McCain a second chance in his next debate. In my opinion, McCain lost his debate, and possible the election, in the first 10 seconds. Regarding the financial crisis/bailout, the anger out here is fierce. Why this so called "maverick" was seemingly unwilling or unable to parlay this anger to his advantage is beyond me. Obama has done his best to tie McCain to Bush, and here we had Bush and the Democrats asking for 700 billion dollars--It was the perfect time for McCain to put that notion to rest. (In the past, McCain seemed to take delight in being a thorn in the side of Bush!) Now we have what first was a 3 page outline turned into a 451 page bill that is filled with pork, with the cost up to 800 billion--I want to see some outrage from John McCain! I want him to name names! I want to see something for my money--I want to see people in congress held accountable! Getting back to Palin, I think she should turn her lack of experience into a strength--We are in this mess because of these so called geniuses--Barney Frank, Dodd, etc. That is the kind of experience I am sick of...
  11. moreluck

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    When they showed Biden laughing in the split-screen, I kept picturing him thinking "Now isn't she cute !" I think he may have underestimated his opponent.
  12. wkmac

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    I was working last night so I didn't see the debate but talking with people over the last few weeks there is something about Palin that folks do connect with. A kinda "I know her because she's one of us" thingy going on. I was looking over the net at some news stuff and I ran across a picture of Palin that to me makes that connection. Reminds me of the 60's show "That Girl." Yeah I'm old.

    She's the neighbor mom who everyone likes, funny, an innocent/harmless flirtiness to her, etc. Is that enough to be VP? That'll be decided in a few weeks but again this picture IMO just shows the appeal she has over the stuff shirt/know-it-all Washington types who in all their "we're above you" attitude still get us in messes that screw our lives up and people now may actually be ready to risk going with someone who many claim "has no experience"! I mean look at all the experience in Washington now and what has that got us?

    Can't stand ya runing mate girl but if you were at the top of the ticket, I might vote for ya just to piss the Washington elitist off. Also it'd be a blast to watch the Washington press corp follow you home on off days to Alaska and have to stand there and watch you gut a moose or clean fish. I'd pay good money to see that.

  13. The Other Side

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    The Debates outcome will always depend on which side your on going into it. If you are a Republican, you will see her in a cutsy, folksy new spirit.

    If you are a democrat, you will see a lack of foundation, a lack of information, a lack of real substance, a lack of "indepth" understanding of washington goverment.

    This was no game saver for McCain. The country is in real trouble, and as I type this, the Republicans in the house are shooting down the "rescue bill" to the demise of all americans.

    Sarah Palin FAILED to answer one question directly and forecoming. It was clear the RNC had her reading off her que cards in her hands and when she got in trouble on an answer, she kept going back to energy and alaska to try and get out of it.

    For me, I had no real expectations of her to do anything more. Her one liners fell flat in my opinion. Her "Reagan" immitations were anticipated and failed in there delivery.

    "There yo go again Joe"....Yawn, boring.

    Senator Biden checkmated her on several issues. She looked way out of her league. Maybe in Alaska she can run with the big dogs, but even that being said, its not the National Kennel club.

    She herself said that she wouldnt answer the questions the way the moderator or Joe Biden wanted and she was going to keep talking to the american public about her accomplishments in alaska.

    HuH? She was there to discuss current policies and problems in america.

    She kept insisting that Joe stop talking about the past (aka: the Bush failures) and stated that Joe should talk about the future like her.

    HuH? aren't her accomplishments in alaska in the past?

    No matter, Joe in ALL polls won this debate by over 60%.

    Sarah fell short and in fact, one poll had her in the low 20's.

    On CNN, they had a live audience viewing and scoring this debate from both parties as well as independents. Sarahs performance fell flat when she started rambling aimlessly over and over about the same information.

    Either way, the polls have Obama ready to win this election hands down.

    This debate did nothing more than prove the obvious to those looking for it on both sides.

    If you want a real explanation of what was said, click this link to fact check both candidates. You will see Sarah the Baracuda was WRONG most of the time. Biden was rated off slightly but not way off base.

  14. over9five

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    This is exactly what a Republican sees when he looks at Obama. Exactly! In fact, you really couldn't describe my feelings about him any better!

    Other than that, I agree that Sarah was out of her league. However, I do not think that's a bad thing. One thing everyone agrees with about Sarah going to Washington is that it would be "change". Why is it that the Democrats talk sooo much about change, but when the Republicans offer REAL, ACTUAL change, they start to stutter "uhhh....well....errrrrrrr"??? I think it would be great change to have a NORMAL AMERICAN in the White House. I think Washington NEEDS that!

    These debates are boring. I want to see McCain debate Biden. We'll leave the two minor league "children" home that night!
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    Warning to Brownshark, don't take offense at the fun I'm about to have. It's Friday man, what can I say.
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    OK, now to the point.


    I thought he was banned from the forum? (0pps BS I don't know your gender so he/she) I was under the impression that once banned you were prevented from coming back.

    (OK thinking to myself here)
    If BS can come back and all is forgiven, that means...................

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    Just sounds like B.S., I don't really know...
  17. tieguy

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    We've been raised to believe that anyone can become president. We've all scoffed at the elitist that run for the position. We've all craved having someone "just like us" run for the job. Now that we have someone that is real blue collar we're not so sure thats what we want.

    Last nights debate will score points for palin. America will be more comfortable with her. The polls will need time to catch up. The democratic blitz/ media blitz/ SNL portrayls have all painted her as some kind of idiot. Those polled will be reluctant to admit they might vote for someone the media has labeled an idiot. My guess it will take about a week for the affects of palin peformance last night to catch up in the polls.

    Joe Biden was interesting. I gained some respect for Joe last night. I didn't see Joe working off of talking points and party mantra as much as I would have expected him to do. He was overall nice to Sarah when he could have been a lot "meaner". I honestly can't understand how the democrats could have chosen Obama over Biden. Joe appears to be a much better candidate for president then Obama. Perhaps too much reefer at the DNC headquarters?
  18. toonertoo

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    I could have had respect of Biden as a Presidential candidate. I have seen him act mean before but I think he was enamored with Sarah. As most hard core democrats even admit. If you went into the debate open minded.
    Everyone talks of her lack of experience, but she is the vice not the number one and she has what McCain lacks, where in comparison poor Joe has to have it all as Obama has nothing.
    Shes cute and loveable, is that a bad thing?
    Shes refreshing, like spraying Febreze in the halls of congress. Getting rid of the dankness of people who have been there too long to do anything but take more of our money, but their standard of living never changes.
    Those who want real change, will vote this ticket, and heck if it dont work it will be less dangerous Than an Obama presidency, and if they suck, vote them out in 4 yrs, and start over.
    I for one think she will be fine.
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    This guy names them for you.
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