Wage increases awesome

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  1. -Comments to the widespread bickering on Wages.

    -I just started at UPS April 27th 2008 at $8.50 as a dumper in small sort.
    -Within one month i was certified to start sorting and received skilled dollar.

    -05-25-08 $9.50 skilled raise
    -07-27-08 $10.00 90 days
    -08-01-08 $10.85
    -02-01-09 $11.20
    -05-25-09 $11.70 37.64% increases in 1st yr +($3.20)
    -08-01-09 $12.075
    -02-01-10 $12.45
    -05-25-10 $12.95 10.68% increases in 2nd yr +($1.25)
    -08-01-10 $13.325
    -02-01-11 $13.70
    -05-25-11 $14.20 9.65% increases in 3rd yr +($1.25)
    -08-01-11 $14.625
    -02-01-12 $15.05
    -05-25-12 $15.93 11.47% increases in 4th yr +($1.63)
    -08-01-12 $16.405
    -02-01-13 $16.87 98.47% increases for life of agreement +($8.37)
    4yrs and 9 months with UPS

    *I do not understand this when a coworker that has been my mentor with almost 9 yrs of service is making $17.97.
    *What is ironic is i spoke with the head of part-timers at the hall and they said you will only be entilted to either $3.37 over 5 yrs or 4.00 over 5 yrs.
    *Then a week after 08-01-08 she called back and said i need you to come in and discuss this with payroll and her.Union hall is less than a mile from my residence,where i found out i would not receive one or the other but both and also got a printout with my wage increase schedule and my increases in union dues annually.
    *Personally this is an incredible benefit for me and will most likely ensure me staying put at UPS and also going above and beyond for the company.
    *I also found out with meeting at the union hall that out of the 1500+ employees at my hub
    more than 50% a little over 800 are entilted to these same wages,and some a little less and some as high as what im receiveing.
    *Did the people who were bargaining know of this clause? (Union & UPS)
    *Im sure UPS knew about this clause,but if they were willing to pay these high of wage increases why didnt the union get this for everyine