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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Damon lash, Mar 22, 2016.

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    So recently have had a my wage reduced a dollar. Here's the background. I was considered a skilled worker while working in California which gained me a dollar increase. I then transferred to Idaho. My wage remained the same for the next two years. Until I became a fueller in my hub I then noticed my wage had decreased a dollar. I contacted management and my union representative. Management of course didn't care and my union representative didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. After reading up on some local laws in Idaho. I found something that stated I must be notified before my wage is decreased. UPS did not notify me.

    So my question is can UPS decrease my wage? Should I fight harder to try to gain in back? Is this worth fighting for or should I just let it go? I feel like this wrong but im not sure I can do anything about it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Sounds like you moved into an unskilled position.
    You can try to get UPS to pay the dollar difference under Idaho law.
    It probably will not work as this is covered in the contract.
    You can try getting back into a skilled position in the hub to get another dollar per hour.
    I was a fueler for 6 months way back and that is a very cushy job.
    I would personally forego the $1/hr for a fueler job.
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    This was in '75-76 until I became a P/T Sup.
    Then I was assigned a swivel chair.
    I tried a gas-powered leaf blower once though.

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    Idaho has got to be heaven to an Irishman. How the hell do I transfer there?
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    Company stance will be the cba super seeds state law. In Ca all hours worked over 12 are supposed to be paid at double time we only get 1.5x
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    Fuel slower.
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    Do what you can to try and get it back but the cost of living you save from California to Idaho will more than make up for it
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    Good point.
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    File a grievance, if the company refuses to pay you double time then file a complaint with the state.
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    Tell the union to take care of it or you are going to ask a labor lawyer