Wal Mart Worker Fired For Reporting Dog Left In Hot Car

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by anonymous6, Jul 10, 2013.

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    found on reddit. up in Ottawa , wally world worker terminated for "trying to do right thing" by reporting dog left in hot car to police after waiting 10-15 minutes for customer to come out.

    I guess the "Customer is Always Right" at Wal-Mart even if it means a dog has to die. they would probably even fire her if she was reporting children left in a hot car?

    good ol wal-mart
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    She waited 10-15 minutes before making the call? Assuming a 15 minute response that dog would have been in that sauna for 30 minutes, which could have been fatal.

    She needs to fight this wrongful termination.
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    I don't give them one red cent!!
  4. rod

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    And UPS wouldn't fire you if you spent 15 minutes helping a dog and not delivering packages (if you didn't have any break left)? The only difference is at least you could fight it through the Union. Who is this lady suppose to fight this wrongful termination through?
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    I've helped people many times on meal time. making phone calls for breakdowns, changing tires, etc. even if I have to go over an hr in total meal time. never got in trouble. however I am in feeder. old boy scout habits are hard to break.
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    In feeders----the magic words----a WHOLE different ballgame. From what I observed it has be like working for a totally different company. Working in package I helped many a damsal in distress myself (if I had the time) or at least let them use my cell phone or I would call help for them. I did make an exception when it came to helping someone broke down or stuck when it was freezing out. We did have a driver fired (got his job back) for giving a couple who had been in an accident in subzero weather a ride to the nearest farmhouse so they could call an ambulance. That was BCP (before cell phones)
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    no they won't. I was in a situation last week where a 90 year old lady had locked herself out of her house,and it began pouring down. I gave her my umbrella,called her daughter to come unlock the door and then called the center and told my center manager the situation and that I was staying with her until her daughter came which i felt would be 15-20 minutes.
    He was VERY understanding and even thanked for taking care of her. My center manager is a very tough individual to work for but like he said " we all have a grandmother"
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    I actually saw this same article on yahoo. I hope this woman fights it and wins. Most likely Walmart will offer her job back, but I hope she tells them to kiss her ass.

    I took a dog out of a woman's car last week at costco. The windows were down, but the temperature was around 98 out and when I looked in that pooch wasn't moving his head. Then I see an older woman coming out with a carton of cigs and she assured me her dog was fine when she saw I had him. I blasted her and said she was lucky I didn't call the authorities or get a news crew. The best part was, two other people joined in and finished yelling at her.

    I just don't understand why people feel the need to take their dogs with them when it's so damn hot out?
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  10. rod

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    Big difference between helping a Grandma or a dog. Kudos to your center manager for being human but for every center manager like him there are 10 more who wouldn't care what your excuse was---if you weren't one of their "chosen few favorites" they would say stealing time is stealing time and fire your butt in a heartbeat. Did you check your punch out time ?---- he probably "adjusted" your punch out time accordingly.
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    I hate to admit but I'm eating McDonald's inside a Walmart as I'm typing this. I like to be full before I start grocery shopping.( my head is down in shame)
  12. texan

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    Once a while is no problem. :happy-very:

    It is daily trips to Mickey D's that is not well with a good diet in mind.

  13. moreluck

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    Inside our WalMart is a Subway......$4 lunch everyday, all day. WWJD (What would Jared do?)
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I usually spend at least 50% more if I go grocery shopping when I am hungry.
  15. toonertoo

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    This is a post I put on facebook last weekend. You need to call your local humane society and find out how far you can go to get a dog, or cat, out of a locked car. I was ready to go all the way.
    Status Update
    By June L. Hills
    So today we got in the mood to go shopping for some windows. It was a bust, so we went to update our wardrobes for summer fun, LOL.
    We come out of the first store and what do we see. A mazda pickup, all windows shut, its not running with air on, and there is a dog inside. Hes panting heavily. its 80 degrees. I tried to remember what to do, Ive read suggestions on here. I go back inside and ask them to tell the owner over the loudspeaker, would the owner of a red mazda, please come to the front. No they wont do that. Now its been 10 minutes, I call 911, get the local police number. They wont come. I call humane society, no one answers, its been 20 minutes, hes looking in bad shape. I get my window smasher out of my truck, and Brad Hills says, he can find the perp in the store. He does..........He tells him to go out and take care of his dog, or my wife is calling the police. I already had.............He says, "ive only been in there a few minutes". We say bull, we've been out here 20. He looks a little intimidating if you dont know my husband and the guy gave him no crap.
    So what happens next, You ask? We go to another store, Brad stays in the truck, with our Bluebelle, who spends her time in the truck, in air conditioning. Brad spots another dog in a truck, hes crying so loud. Brad goes in this store and perfectly picks out the perp. I guess we have learned to spot an :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: a mile away. Im standing at the checkout, and I see this guy, parading his pup, up and down the parking lot, no leash, panting, and the asphalt is probably 120 degrees. Hes not running coz hes Ok, hes running coz his paws are burning!!!!!!!! I see my husband standing there watching him with his arms crossed, I come out and he said you wont believe what just happened. Twice in one hour!!!!! So please excuse my rant but, unless you leave the air on, and your truck running, you cannot leave your dog in the car. And when we do it, we check every 10 minutes, just in case for some unknown reason, the vehicle quits. You CANNOT LEAVE AN ANIMAL, A CHILD, OR ANY LIVING THING IN A VEHICLE ON HOT DAYS. EVEN A 65 DEGREE DAY IN THE SUN, COULD BE A DEATH SENTENCE. You can leave your purse, your phone, but if it breathes, leave it home, or keep it in a vehicle that is cool. Dont make me break your window, coz I will.
  16. toonertoo

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    Who could leave their baby to die in a vehicle. Dont even get me going. I dont even want to go shopping, coz some idiot will ruin my day, when I get in trouble with the law. 1372597651900.jpg
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    I left my dog (Irish Setter) in my car when I ran inside a store for maybe 2 minutes (not that hot and windows were cracked). There were a couple of idiots outside teasing and my dog literally tore up my back seat. Irish Setter is pretty but stubborn and dumb as a post.
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    I heard jared was dropped by subway bc he started gaining back the weight.
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    I read that 27 children died in hot parked cars this past year. the Wal-Mart in my area stopped the security truck patrol to save money. I guess they would be making a PA announcement every 15 minutes for kids/dogs left in cars. toonertoo did the right thing.

    that old axiom, I believe , is right. if you say to yourself "someone ought to do something" .... that someone is YOU!
  20. toonertoo

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    Thanks orangputeh. Don't embrace it, Im sure it will cost me time in court, but I cannot let a dog die, in a hot car. I let one freeze to death in an outside cage, at a idiot renter neighbor house, and I will never have to ask shoulda woulda coulda again.
    You need to be licensed to own a gun, buy a car, go fishing, but not to have a kid or an animal.