Wall Street & Time - Our Best Allies in Contract Negotiations

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by InsideUPS, Mar 31, 2013.

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    DS, the Brown Cafe moderator recently informed me that he deleted several of my posts in which I quoted information from UPSers.com.

    "Hey insideUPS,I had to delete your upsers.com quote.
    We don't allow that.If ups wants to post here they are free to do so."

    I apologize for any TOS I may have violoated. That said, I do believe it is important that you all know that UPS is now posting information on our UPSers.com website revealing their concern about our customer base, etc..... (You can log on and read the whole document for yourself)

    Time and Wall Street will continue to be our best allies in obtaining a fair contract for all UPS Teamsters.
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    Why are they worried? They can negotiate in good faith and have this settled Asap if that is what they really want. From everything that I have heard, the teamsters are not asking for the stars and the moon, so what's UPS holdup?
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    because on upsers.com they are trying to assure customers that the negotiations are moving along just fine. you better believe our competition is pushing them hard now to jump ship before a potential work stoppage.

    customers are voicing concerns. wall street ( investors ) are watching closely. "time is in essence" especially true in business methods.

    as InsideUps stated.......it is all good for us. meaning we need to stand firm for a good contract.
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    I don't disagree about knowing UPS thoughts and positions but most of what you read on UPSers is spin. This isn't UPS exclusive but rather a typical of any corporation when disclosing information to the public and employees. It's always part good news on the scoreboard for public consumption while also serving as cheerleader to the employees in the cheering section. Both sides thus feel happy and positive. Ever heard those gloom and doom PCM's mandated out of corp. and yet that same info is never posted into the public domain. It's all about spin, intent and motive. Marketing and appearance.

    As to relating UPSers info, posting direct quotes could place BC in a direct twist with UPS and I'm sure at times Glenlake would prefer this outlet not be here so let's not make it any harder for Cheryl than at some level it already is. If you read something on UPSers, this is one example on how you can get out the info.

    I did not quote UPSers directly, I stated my own personal understanding of the information and I directed everyone to go to UPSers and read it for themselves.

    In this, you are able to get the overall point of the information out but you alert everyone to it's existence in the first place. IMO you still accomplish what you intended to do and I'm comfortable there is no TOS violation in that approach. If you read/see something you think worth knowing, keep it coming but just use an approach that protects everyone, especially yourself, in the process.

    Just a thought.

    One other thought that came to mind. Copy and paste the exact quote from UPSers that you want to share and then at a search engine window, say google for example, type in "UPS>then the paste in the quote" and if the search revels the quote in the public domain, boo-yah. Quote and link that source and then also make note you originally saw it at UPSers.
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    I do agree UPS is spinning their message but so are the Teamsters and TDU and for that matter, everyone on here is spinning their beliefs & message.