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    We have been looking into Disney vacations for this year. We have been before with my oldest twice. Now the twins want to go and will turn 4 this March.

    To stay on property we are looking at $2900 including hopper passes, but If we decide to stay off property right in downtown disney its about $1800 including hopper passes. Now if we wanted just hopper passes for 5 days it would be $1300.

    My question to people that have gone to Disney, do you always stay on property?

    Is it a pain to stay off property?

    Whats your take on it.
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    Red, we went twice when the kids were young and stayed in Lake Buena Vista, once at a Comfort Inn and the other at a Days Inn. The advantages are that both let kids eat free when with adults and they both had buses to Disney. It is much cheaper to stay off property. One of the disadvantages is that if you get tired and want to just hang out in the room you then have to hop on a bus and go back to the hotel whereas if you stay on property you simply hop on the monorail.

    Borders has a great book on tips on planning a Disney vacation.
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    Cach thanks for the site. Never checked it out beofre and we do get a nice discount. My wife has a quote for the Regal Sun resort which is kid friendly, has character breakfast and is across the street from downtown Disney for $2100 for 6 nights and 5 day hopper passes. Through this site purchasing the hopper passes and hotel seperate it comes out to $1650 with our UPS discount. That means we can go to Fultons twice for dinner while we are there, beat seafood around.

    Florida rsidents they are offering 4 day passes to you for $99 on this site, cant beat that.
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    RED it also depends on when you go. If you go during peak season (DISNEY PEAK SEASON) the price will be more. I checked with my wife because she went year ago with our boy. She booked it through the disney web site and it was only $900 for the 2 of them. They had some kind of special going on where she booked 4 nights and got 3 free. Had one meal a day included and a character dinner. She also got a $ 100 giftcard for going when it was her b-bay.I have gone a few times with them also and the best time we had ws during Holloween . The temp. was not bad at all and there was no crowds or lines for the rides. The night time parade was awsome also. We always stay on the property. Just don't think I would like doing otherwise. There are deals to be had if you have time to research it. I hope this helps.
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    I have been to Disney twice with my oldest and we stayed at the caribean beach the first time, and the last time we stayed at the Animal Kingdom lodge and received a free upgrade to a deluxe room over lokking the safari. We were spoiled!

    Now Im comparing onsite to off site. Wow what a difference in price! We are looking to going late June for my oldest sons birthday, because I already have that week off for vaction, downside to picking vacations in Nov.

    The Site that cach posted has the Hopper passes the cheapest than all of the other Disney sites. I have learned alot though these sites, www.allears.net and www.mousesavers.com

    I can actually stay on property at a value resort like Pop Century, All Star movies, Music etc for a little more than what the UOPS site has with our discount offsite. Plus the UPS site for hotels has some hidden fees, you have to read the fine print. The Hotel we liked was $58 a night but we need to add almost $29 a night in taxes and fees, bringing it to $87 a night. Right now I have found the value resorts for about $115 a night.

    It concerns me with 3 little kids and the heat, I would gladly pay the extra money for the convenience to go back to the room or pool to cool off in the afternoon. Thanks everyone for your advice, and Im still researching.