Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award

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    The long awaited NFL Season has started.

    I would like to extend my best wishes to all the players in the NFL.

    May they suffer bruises and sore muscles and not career ending injuries.

    May the players be guided by common sense and appreciate what it means to wear the uniform of the National Football League.

    Walter "Sweetness" Payton appreciated wearing the uniform of the National Football League.

    The NFL appreciated Walter Payton and gave the most prestigous award (in my opinion) the National Football League Awards his name.

    The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award

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    I WAS excited for the season to begin. Just like many years of late, reality sinks in by the end of the first game. :dissapointed: Oh well, by next weekend I will be ready again. :wink2:
  3. ajblakejr

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    If one thing could be a pure example of raw hope, it would be devoted fans of the NFL.

    We don't watch a game to see our team lose.
    We always start with that hope...even Detroit Fans...that this could be the day.:peaceful:

    Packer Fans never left with 3 minutes on the clock when Brett was on the field because we always had hope.

    It is in my genetics to be a Packer Fan.
    I made a choice to become a Saint.

    However, on any givin Sunday ... some guy say said that and it is true.
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    How true AJ. There is always hope. I'm sure you of all people understand this. I do. I hope for .................. things too. Maybe we will get lucky. :happy2:
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    Cardinals visit my Saints in the Superdome.

    Two great men, Kurt and Drew, leading their respected teams to the NFC Championship.

    Both men awarded what I believe to be the highest honor in the NFL.
    The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award

    Playing in the Superdome, which was the "shelter of last resort" for about 30,000 people during the ordeal called Hurricane Katrina.

    In a city still recovering, restoring and rebuilding from what appeared to be total devastation.

    In a city still suffering heartbreak, lost love ones disappeared in the storm and remains yet to be found or identified.

    In a city left breathless, by video and reports of what is total devastation to the south, Haiti.

    In a city struggling with poverty, sometimes referred to as a third world country within our United States.

    In a city that has so little to give and one dollar from a wallet may make the difference in eating or going to bed with hunger.

    In a city that is leading the way in finding that extra nickel to contribute to those in Haiti.

    In a city blessed to have an unscheduled NFL game played because they need tourism dollars.

    The earthquake in Haiti invited the ghosts of Katrina back into memories.

    The NFC playoff game in New Orleans is stirring up memories of how the people survived and came together September 25, 2006 when the Dome came back to life.

    Today, 70,000 people, will fill the Superdome and today over 100,000 lives have been reported lost in Haiti.

    It is safe to say that among these fans in the Dome today, a few sought shelter from the Storm in the Louisiana Superdome, one of the 30,000, that have an idea of what the people in Haiti are experiencing.

    It is safe to say that a few in the stands have lost friends and loved ones in the aftermath of Katrina.

    It is safe to say that emotion in the Superdome once lifted a tired population and brought HOPE home to the Gulfcoast.

    It is safe to say that all thoughts in the Superdome will be on what was overcome to get to this point in Dome history and prayers for the people of Haiti.

    Two great men will meet in New Orleans for a chance to make it to the NFC Championship Game.

    These two great men, both leaders and humanitarians, have traded their jerseys in for coveralls and hoisted hammers instead of pigskins.

    Both men, Kurt, after the floods in Iowa and Drew, after Hurricane Katrina, have made a difference in the lives of others.

    These men will meet again, I am sure of it because of their character. These two are men of action and purpose.

    They will meet in Haiti to rebuild.

    Football is a game they get paid to play.
    Football allows them to make a true difference in their world.

    Walter Payton made a difference.

    Cardinals or Saints...either team can win.
    Regardless, we all win.
    Because we are blessed with men like Kurt Warner and Drew Brees.

    How do you make a difference in your world?
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    Very well said AJ!!!:happy2:
  7. OMG AJ. That is beautiful.
    To anyone reading this, do not read AJ's comments with this playing in the background. I actually am very choked up right now

  8. ajblakejr

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    It is hard to remain tear free when I feel the impact of great men honored in the name of a great man.

    Finalists named for Walter Payton Man of the Year Award

    National Football League

    Three community-minded NFL players will be recognized during Super Bowl week as finalists for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, it was announced Sunday. Washington Redskins LB London Fletcher, Cleveland Browns WR Mike Furrey and Kansas City Chiefs G Brian Waters are the top candidates for this year’s award, named for the legendary Chicago Bears running back who died in 1999.

    The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award is the only league award that recognizes a player’s off-the-field community service as well as his playing excellence.
  9. brown bomber

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    no Mike Furrey w/ the Browns...........however London Fletcher, is a greater Cleveland native
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    Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman has accomplished a great deal on the field during his 11 NFL seasons. On Saturday, he was rewarded for his even greater achievements off the field.

    He brought it back home to Chicago.
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    .....and made my wife cry.
  12. ajblakejr

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    She was not alone.
    I see this thread and I realized how absent I have been from BC.
    I did not keep up with my posts in this thread.

    I love the NFL.
    All the MVP stuff means nothing to me.
    Any NFL player in nomination for Walter Payton Man of the Year is already the true MVP's of the league.

    This is the most important award a player can earn in his short NFL career.
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    Hopefully we don't lose him in free agency.