Want to know if this is a nationwide rule

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  1. rampman

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    for those that work ramp do you have to leave k loader running and stand out there the whole time when its cold even if you have nothing coming for like 30 min. seems kind of stupid to me they wont let you turn it off and you cant go into the plane to warm up
  2. sdf6hr2

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    not a "nationwide rule"... this is a supervisor by supervisor thing. my guess is that your sup. has been directed to do this for any number of reasons... he / she is new ; he /she is being disciplined for a load delay or something else they did wrong ; maybe, going off the new sup. reason, they do not know they can check where the cans are and their approx. arrival time... maybe they are doing this on their own trying to impresss the f/t sup. ; or to get back at the crew for something they did ; i think you get the idea.....
  3. cachsux

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    The one yard rule which might be similar is that at any time the driver is away from the vehicle they have to take the keys with them. Not the same but the intention is to prevent unauthorized movement which one would be able to do with your running loader.
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    What about excessive idle time? Huh? Boy, did WE get dinged in feeders for that! Guess it don't apply to all the diesel P/Cs idling out in the yard all night or K-loaders idling, huh? Hmmm...while yer at it, SHUT THAT DAMN PLANE OFF!!!!!
  5. cachsux

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    Funny how they would ride us for one minute of idle time as we stood next to the white whales parked on property idling away because it was too hot and they needed their a/c on or now it`s too cold and they need their heat on. Apparently they run on sunshine and managers smiles.