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    Good Morning All!

    We had a beautiful day yesterday here in Ohio! Wow...it was great! Looking for another one today if the rain will stay away.

    Anyhow, I thought I would ask a few more questions. I have already asked a lot (probably over 20!) but hopefully if I get in with UPS, I can someday answer someone's questions!

    I am going today for my second interview. I did the PH tour, got a little card with info, and I am heading today to the Hiring Center.
    My questions are:

    1. Do they only hire a certain number of people from the tour? It was last Tuesday, and I have two other jobs at the moment so today was the first day (and only day!) that I can go. There were about 15 people on the tour when I went. Is it first come, first served?

    2. Wear the same thing that I wore to the tour? Seems really weird to me. Would it be ok if I wore black pants (they are somewhat "dressy") and a shirt w/sweater. I don't want to be underdressed, or overdressed.

    3. Are there to be more interviews to come? I hope not! I just want to get this over with so I can get my butt to work!

    4. It says the interview will take up to 2 hours. Why?

    Thank you all in advance for your replies! Have a great day!
  2. 1. they do not generally hire everyone on the tour, unless it was like 3 people on it, which you stated was not the case. If you show up on time or early for everything that automatically puts you ahead somewhat.

    2. Unless you're management, there really isn't underdressed. I mean don't show up in a tank top and daisy dukes for the interview (though once you work there its acceptable attire...well maybe not the 'dukes haha), but it is very casual. I wore track pants lol, they hired me on the spot, so its more the person they're interested, not so much what they are wearing because you won't want to wear anything nice once you work there as it'll get ruined.

    3. I had the preliminary interview at the hiring center and then one at the HR office of my hub. I was hired and started the next day and I've been there ever since.

    4. If they like you they'll probably hire you. Then comes the fun task of watching the orientation/training videos and mini-quizzes (no you can't fail them, not knowing the answers does not affect you, you're new) etc. That is likely the reason why.

    Good luck :thumbup1:
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    Thank you for the answer!

    I really appreciate the help that you've given me with all of my questions.

    You seem like a great person...thanks for your hard work.