Was bit by a dog

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    Good for you! If people are going to own an aggressive dog then they should be held accountable when their mutt attacks someone. A few years ago a little girl sitting at a lemonade stand was nearly mauled to death by a dog in my neighborhood. The owner was walking the dog without a leash, it was a black lab, a breed that rarely pulls that kind of BS.

    Most of the time a dog's behavior is molded by the owner. Especially pit bulls, they're a product of their environment, either super aggressive or completely harmless. They are not the unpredictably violent creatures that a lot of people believe.
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    Those truck are a real pleasure to drive----not
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    I wacked a dog hard with the bottom of the diad (the hard heavy part) right on top of it's head. I hit him so hard he layed down and started whimpering. This dog ran out of the house when the customer opened the door to get the package and came after me even though I was 200 feet away (apartment complex). The owner of the violent little mutt started shouting at me saying I assaulted his dog and wants to see my badge. I told him I don't have to show you my badge if you have a problem you can call the police. You're dog is not on a leash and I have a right to protect myself. I got in the truck drove to my next stop and called the center to report the situation. The OMS told me not to worry about anything and if this guy calls us we will handle it. Sure enough he called and demanded an apology in person from someone and described me as a brown devil. My on road said he actually had to visit this guy in person to apologize haha.
    Always be on your toes around dogs.