WASH. DC. still backed up.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by dcdriver, Feb 18, 2010.

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    A week after two record storm we are still backedup with packages, its all over the news . Customers are :censored2:. Had PCM not to talk to any news people if asked. Will we ever get caughtup? They are bringing management in from everywhere still the packages are still backing up. My center has 6 retain trailers just for us. Maybe working on Saturaday.:greedy:
  2. worldwide

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    Seems that it is all over the news that things are getting back to normal, at least according to the Washington Post...

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    dcdriver....the title of this thread offers much temptation for Obama bashing, but I'll resist and save it for current events.
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    Today is the first day in the last two weeks that I haven't sheeted anything ecd. We're supposed to get hit again on Monday though, so I'm sure it won't last.
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    I know that customers are #1 priority, but as a customer myself, I find there's too many people out there who just want to complain. God, DC had two wicked storms that blew up the roads for days. Unless the package cars have some magic powers, how were you guys supposed to deliver stuff?

    I hope the PR nightmare of the news reports goes away soon. In my wanderings downtown today, there was a whole fleet of package cars out there getting the job done -- it was marvelous to the eyes of a customer, but probably a ton of work for the drivers. I can't believe that FedEx had any fewer backups in DC -- so I wish the public would stop whining.

    Thanks for all the extra man-hours and dealing with the pressure from both management and customers. Believe it or not, you are greatly appreciated out here, and those who can't understand the limitations of weather and back-ups need to get a life and realize that their need for speed can't always happen. (perhaps they should be shipped to other countries where people are lucky to receive weekly mail).

    Here's hoping you get triple time wages for Saturday.
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    Yes me also...............

    Me too! But look to the south once again in the Gulf Of Mexico.................Why is the darn weather coming from the South, I dont get it. Is that not rather rare?