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    Lame mischaracterized propaganda.

    Look each one up, and see how the facts have been twisted.



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    Take the damn shrimp off the treadmill and put them on the 'barbie' and feed the kids their healthy school lunch!!
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    Cute, our very own Marxist propagandist is claiming these very facts located within the federal budget is itself propaganda. Please tell me why its ok for the federal government to spend $146 million upgrading federal employee flight tickets to business class when most of the people who are forced to pay for it can only afford to fly coach?

    Not to mention the millions wasted on trying to teach chinese prostitutes how to drink properly when on the job. There is a lot to cut here, and until we get some real conservatives in power it simply won't happen.
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    Why dont we start at the begining. The very first claim of this website is that OBAMA wants to tax christmas trees. The reality is, the christmas tree industry wanted to TAX ITSELF! Yes, thats right, I said they want to TAX THEMSELVES! Sounds ridiculous? No, its been done before. But why??

    Well, its been done over and over. Especially during the BUSH administration. Do you all remember the ads on television that featured "GOT MILK?" Well, those ads were paid for by the milk industry asking the goverment to tax milk and place that money in a special fund that paid for all those ads for years. Its been done in many industries. SELF TAXATION.

    The christmas tree industry ASKED the Obama administration to TAX TREES so they could place that money into a special fund so they could advertise and battle against synthetic trees. The real tree industry is losing market share to fake trees and with the help of this special goverment assisted fund ( like the GOT MILK fund) they believe they can regain market share.

    The website doesnt explain this, and attempts to convince the readers that OBAMA himself wants to tax trees as if to collect extra money for the goverment.

    Its really ridiculous at best how people can be taken for suckers by websites like this one. Each CLAIM is a distortion of facts and it can pin back the ears of gulible people.


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    As you can see from the above chart the post above is inaccurate or false. When the advertising fee was voluntary participation was so low it was an ineffective program meaning the Christmas tree sellers in fact did not want to participate in a tax. Sure you can always find some idiot that wants to take money from others to pay for a program that a very few want but if it were a fact that a majority of the sellers wanted this program it would have been funded voluntarily.
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    Same dumb arguments about "cutting government waste". The government has been "wasting money" during every administration, especially during the terms of Reagan and Bush. How about Reagan rebuilding WW2 battleships to modern standards that quickly went back into the mothball fleet? How about "Star Wars"? Obama is actually less of a waster than any of them because he's trimming defense (OMG!!!!) spending and getting us out of Iraq and Afghanisatan.

    "In Libertarianism, the scum rises to the top."- MrFedEx
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    Why focus on such a small part of the budget? When you look at the numbers entitlement spending is our biggest expense yet you liberals wish to focus on the small part that keeps us safe.

    THE VOTE PUMP - YouTube
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    They (C9ners), worry about food stamps, but launching $1.5 Million Tomahawk Missles a dozen at a time, is money well spent ! :(
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    What is untrue is your conclusion. The SUMMARY on the very link you provided clearly establishes what I said. The TAX was going to be self imposed, and placed into an advertising fund to promote real christmas trees. Plain and simple. Dont know if you can read, but I hope this helps you out.


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    The website is nonsense, and a plain simple twisting of the facts and minds of those gulible enough to read it and accept it as gospel.

    I point out one fact of the website and immediately, someone reposts another distortion in order to hide the facts. Sad story for people to believe in such websites.


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    klein, why do you care ? It's not like the money is coming out of your pocket .
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    Because we have hundreds of thousands of immigration applicants comming out of Greece now, because they also ruined their country.
    You may be next ???!!!!
    You need to pay the price, and not keep passing it on to the next few generations.
    And it's a shame that mostly just the rich benefit from it all (something Obama wants to put an end to).
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    Pretty sure you cannot read but I think you are referencing the failed Obama Christmas tax.

    For those that can read (not you) this is from the link that I offered off of a government website.

    "The Christmas tree industry has tried three different times to conduct promotional programs based on voluntary contributions. Each time, after about three years, the revenue declined to a point where the programs were ineffective. The decline in revenue is attributable to the voluntary nature ofthese programs."

    So just to be clear your claim that it was my conclusion is also false.

    ​The problem with you extreme leftists is that you ignore facts. The l3 came in full force on this thread. We had an outright lie, an attempt to change the subject when challenged, and a failed attempt by Klien at math. I think he is trying to claim that 1.5 million is larger than a trillion but who really knows.

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    How could you miss the opening of the summary??

    RIN 0581–AD00

    Christmas Tree Promotion, Research,

    and Information Order

    Agricultural Marketing Service,


    Final rule.

    This rule establishes an industry-funded promotion, research and information program for fresh cut Christmas trees. The Christmas Tree Promotion, Research, and Information

    Order (Order) is authorized under the Commodity Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1996 (1996 Act). The

    Order will establish a national Christmas Tree Promotion Board (Board) comprised of 11 producers and

    one importer
    . Under the Order, producers and importers of fresh cut Christmas trees will pay an initial

    assessment of fifteen cents per Christmas tree. Producers and importers that produce or import less than 500

    Christmas trees annually will be exempt from the assessment
    . A referendum will be conducted, among producers and

    importers, three years after the collection of assessments begin to determine if Christmas tree producers and importers favor the continuation of this program.""

    I have highlighted the fact in the case and not some extrapolated segment you separated in order to distort the facts. First, its clear the TAX is self imposed as ONLY 11 producers and ONE importer are to be taxed under this rule and other producers doing LESS than 500 trees are EXEMPT from the rule. The tax will go into a fund to pay for promotion, advertising and television ads for a period of 3 YEARS ONLY.

    This ISNT an OBAMA tax, but an INDUSTRY tax.

    You dont have to read anything else in the LINK you provided to understand what it proposes. YOU distort the facts by calling it a "FAILED OBAMA TAX", but that isnt the truth. Now all you have to do is research why the proposal was pulled and put on the back burner and then you might be informed on the issue.

    You took a segment out of the link where it stated that VOLUNTARY contributions were on the decline, and FAIL to point out that this rule specifically relies on the 11 largest domestic producers and one importer to pay this tax. Its clear that monies intended to go to this fund voluntarily were declining and the industry created its own system of taxing itself to pay for the fund.

    This has NOTHING to do with OBAMA. Again, i alledge that facts on this website are twisted and fail to provide the actual facts of the claims they make.

    I rest my case.


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    You left out the most important part. DATES: Effective November 9, 2011.

    I can't help but wonder who you think was President on November 9, 2011. Yes, the clown that was President on November 9, 2011 tried to use an old act to tax Christmas. He wanted to take something that was voluntary, because nobody wanted it, and turn it into a mandatory tax. It should have been called the clown that stole Christmas tax.

    I provided you with actual facts.

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    Again, another mis-representation of the facts at hand. Lets start with the premise that just because Obama is president when this ACT was going to be implemented, it automatcally becomes his. That is nothing more than a stretch to try and connect the president to the christmas tree industry. What you refuse to understand is that the INDUSTRY wanted the tax implemented because of falling revenues and not that the president wanted to tax trees for some unknown reason, or that the president intended to TAX CHRISTMAS as the GOP is trying to paint this issue.

    You stated that the president "wanted" to make the tax mandatory on the christmas tree industry despite the facts being spelled out for you in the summary of your own link. Your link clearly states that producers selling less than 500 trees would be exempt from the tax so it couldnt be MANDATORY as you claimed.

    It was the INDUSTRY itself who created the board and chose the 11 domestic and ONE Importer to sit on the board that would handle the eventual advertising campaign for real christmas trees.

    Your last sentence is pure nonsense. OBAMA has stolen nothing, as the tax was NOT implemented afterall.

    The reality is simple. THE GOP wanted to get people to REPEAT that Obama wanted to TAX CHRISTMAS, and it worked...... on YOU.

    Plain and simple truth be spoken, the GOP has nothing to offer the country but twisted realities and nonsense. It knows its base is full of people who will never challenged anything that is placed in front of them and they will always be able to lead them no matter how lame the claim.



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    The Obama regime proposed this tax on November 8, 2010 and you want to blame who? George Washington?

    The Obama regime has to be the dumbest group of clowns ever. To propose a tax on Christmas especially during an economic downturn shows a separation from reality.

    Well actually, no it isn't. I provided you with a link to the 15 page proposal by the Obama regime to change the regulation to levy the tax on Christmas and yet you somehow want to point the finger somewhere else but you cannot even figure out where to point your blame to. The Obama regime initiated a comment period with at least 147 objections to this tax. If the producers wanted to pay this tax they would do it voluntarily, which they did not, which is why they attempt was made to make it a mandatory tax. All facts you can try to spin away but no matter how you attempt to spin it the Obama regime still tried to tax Christmas.