We are closed today, do we get paid?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Unregistered, Nov 28, 2005.

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    We are completely snowed in today. No feeders, no drivers, no preload and no car wash. Completely closed. Are we under any kind of guarantee to be paid for the 8 hours that we were scheduled?
  2. traveler

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    No feeders, no drivers, no preload and no car wash. And, sadly, no pay! :eek:

    Unless opf course you are salaried. :o
  3. dannyboy

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    Nope, act of God.

    Unless you went in to work and they did not attempt to call you, then you could make a case for 8 hours pay. Like shoveling the parking lot? Or cleaning out the main drains in the car wash?

    Back during the bad one of '93 I think it was, I delivered 255 packages out of my pickup truck, mostly Next day air, and was the only driver out that day.

    Enjoy your day off
  4. xracer

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    Has happened to us a couple of times in my 18 years with the company, each time I have made it to work without being told that we were shut down for the day and as such got paid for the day. They did give the 10 or so of us that showed up some busy work cleaning trucks and the like for about 2-3 hours then they let us go home and paid us our 8 hours for showing up. So if you suspect that your building may be shut down for the day and you would like to get paid, don't answer your phone and just go to work.