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    Don't let the wool get pulled over your eyes register as a republican.


    He believes in the constitution, stopping governments wasteful spending, bringing our troops home, securing our boarders, return the power of government back to the states and essensially back to the people. Ron Paul believes we should end the Federal Reserve, which is not a government agency, but rather a central bank owned by banks from around the world that determine what our money is worth by the amount that they print.He believes in a true free market where workers should have the right to collectively bargain for the best working conditions available.:thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:


    Visit his website for more information at
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    As a Dem, the only thing I like about Ron Paul is his tenacity of ending this war, and his loyalty to the Constitution. I don't think he's big on unions either.
    However, he's raising lots of money and getting his face exposed everywhere, eventhough the mainstream Repulican and the Neo con resent the hell out of this.
    The other day I was sipping a rum-runner on the beach and low and behold a banner plane was hovering the shoreline with guess who's banner? That's right..Ron Paul
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    I do not agree with all of his views, but I think honestly has the best interest of the people in mind.

    A couple of tid bits of info about Ron Paul.

    He has opted out of the lucrative congressional pension plan.

    Each year he returns a portion of his congressional office budget back to the general fund.

    He will readily vote down reward serimonies, including the one for Rosa Parks based solely on his beliefs about the constitution. However, offers his own money and asks the congress to match it to pay for the serimoney, instead of spending the tax payers money.

    If we had more people in congress voting the way Ron Paul does our economy would be flourishing.

    He might not be a union supporter, that I do not know. However, he believes we should have the right to form a union and collectively bargain for the best working conditions possible.

    Save our country vote for Ron Paul. Visit his website at http://RonPaul2008.com:thumbup1::thumbup1:
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    You are correct Diesel, Ron is not what you would call a friend of the union. At the same time he's not a friend of the big corporate monster who uses gov't for self interest and self gain either so the way I see it, at the end of the day under a Ron Paul world, neither side would benefit for his position as President. Ron would likely cut much of gov't but the bare bone as we know it today but if you want a truly non-partisan Washington DC, then elect Ron. You'll have the Democrat fascists and Republican fascists together in lock step so fast, it'll scare even Osama bin Laden! :lol:

    Come to think of it, no special interest should have an upper hand controlling gov't and legislation. Let whatever side rise or fall on their own merits and what they bring to the common good rather than passing legislation that create false markets and false conditions so that one or the other or both prosper and profit.

    Ever considered the fact that gov't hands out certain "unconstitutional" perks to collective big business only to then turn around and do similar legislation with collective big labor. Is Congress playing the dialectic of Hegelianism with the American voter is which they play one side agianst the other and visa-versa but at the end of the day Washington has gained all the power and leverage and thus insured it's own continous electiblity while maintaining it's own hands embedded deep within our own wallets to satisfy their own delusions of what a society should be? And then they muddy and manipulate the facts or make them the lack there of to convince you and I to agree with them in the hopes they can play on our own self-preserving self interests and yes even our own greed on the part of both sides in our to ensure their own power and position. Many if not most of the problems we face today are a result of earlier legislation they passed in order to create false conditions or markets only to later have those "unintended consequences" spill forth and then we run to them again and only continue the cycle.

    Why did we abrogate the power to gather with friends, family and neighbors to solve problems within our own communities and instead hand them off to a centralized power of the federal plantation and to be governed by the plantation overseers that we call the corporate or union estate if you will?

    Ever considered just for a moment that we've in reality been played to choose up sides and in truth, no matter which side you choose, the ultimate decider of what our world will be controls it all and the cycle of pain, misery and dispare will continue?

    I think more than which party or which cult of personality we will support and vote for, we need to do some real soul searching as to just what and how far we want and are willing to let our gov't go. It just appears to me that the more power we give them, the worse our lives continue to get so why would we grant them even more and more across a wide spectrum of issues? We can either be lazy slaves (IMO we are that already) and shut up when they pull out the whip and beat us with it or we can stand up and start doing things for ourselves and take some of this unbriddled power back to the people where it belongs.


    BTW: Did you see Bill Moyer's Journal today? Excellent program and I'd suggest you go online and watch the program and it addresses some of the issues of unchecked power. I also noticed Bush is making overtones of increasing the SCHIPs funding by an amount of $5bil. Would one suggest at the very least that that republicans are just socialist on the cheap (Walmart version)whereas the democrats are the big spender types (Rodeo Drive version) but in the end you still have socialist utopianism.


    c ya!
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    You're lucky you weren't converted to republicanism being we caught you at such a weak moment...:cool:
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    I'm not quite sure Rep's even consider Mr Paul a model of "today's" Rep's. More of a Traditional Rep slash/ libertarian. But if the Dem's were to lose this election, I would hope this guy would succeed relating to his foreign policy, but would dread his domestic policy.(We'll have to keep reminding him about regulating his free trade lala palooza).
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    Hey Diesel,

    Heard what Ron Paul said about social security? He's against it and over time it would end but he'd also cut gov't and take the money and actualy fully fund ss and many other gov't welfare plans because the gov't made those promises to people and he said because the people have planned on those programs that the gov't is obligated to fulfill them. However, there's enough gov't waste and gov't excess to not only fund this programs for the years ahead until all current obligations are met and then the programs canceled but this could be done and paydown the massive US debt and end the income tax. Who needs a national sales tax when you can end the whole machinery of federal direct taxation in the first place?

    By chance I got home from work last night and caught an interview Solidad O'Brien has with Ron. The first part of the interview concerned 9/11 and US Foreign policy and is posted on the net http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/politics/2007/11/02/intv.ron.paul.cnn?iref=videosearch but the 2nd part (for whatever reason CNN hasn't posted yet, please save the conspiracy theories) Ron does discuss domestic issues like taxation, SS and other federal welfare related issues and he talks about his ideas that I related above. I'm not endorsing Ron nor have I decided to vote for him as I has such disdain for the 2 parties that casting a an vote their way, even when the candidate is nothing like them, is a very hard thing to do. I'm sure most will not understand and in their shoes I might not either but it's an issue of principle for me that I've held for over 20 years and I'm not willing to relent at this point.

    In otherwords D, in a Ron Paul world even you and I would get our SS checks and medicare coverage in retirement based on what I heard Ron tell Solidad so can you name me one democrat who is parading the idea of even fully funding these various programs so that they are self sustaining and are not an ever increasing tax and bueracratic drain on the American taxpayer while at the same time allowing the new citizen coming into the workforce to transition into a self managed plan? Now whatever or however that manifests itself, it's up to the person or even the community in which they live as some communities may form co-ops which I happen to think might be a good thing but the bottomline is that this area won't be overseen or governed at the federal level and is left to the responsibility of the States, local gov'ts or the individual themselves and this IMO squares completely with the US Constitution. Could you imagine large corp interests trying to control the markets spread out over 100's if not thousands or even millions of people and locales from the ingle point market of Washington DC that we now have. Could you imagine the enormous cost of 100's if not 1000's of lobbyist firms scattered over the entire nation all vying to manipulate and control the market for filthy lucers sake? We've made it oh so easy by pushing eveything to Washington and all they have to do is build a central office and control 535 idiot Congresspersons and one President. Could you imagine if they had to do this with 50 governors, 1000's and 1000's of State legislators or the more unthinkable, the 1000's of mayors and the 100k's if not millions of locally elected politicians. What would weld a greater return on investment if you wanted to control a market, having to grease less than 600 politicians or having to grease millions spread out over 1000's of communities across this land?

    As for what the democrats might be planning to save things like SS and other welfare type programs, I'll give you that you may be more informed on those candidates that I but I do try and pay a lot of attention and read their websites and such and to my knowledge the only candidate running for office who has expressed an idea of fully funding gov't obligations by cutting waste and needless expense and then also turn around and free the taxpayer for the direct federal tax burden is Ron Paul. To be honest, I don't ever remember a democrat or republican since I first started voting in the early 70's ever mentioned such an idea.

    That said, can you explain in light of the above comments can you make the following statement:

    There are some areas I'm sure in the purely regulatory realm where you may find what you think is footing to justify such statements but if you'd take the time to look deeper into the whole regulatory machinery of the federal gov't and who sits where in this process, the fox already and has been for decades guarding the henhouse. In fact the Fox owns the damn henhouse with the help of the folks you cheer for (I cheered for some too until I wised up in the mid-80's) and for the ones you boo against, thus the problems we now face.

    At the very least with Ron instead of having 1 single huge henhouse for the fox to consolidate his efforts and make life easy, at best he have the beginning back to at least 50 henhouses if not more and in many cases a lot more than that as smaller henhouses would spring up in locales across this great land. The founding fathers not only were wise to include a checks and balance system within the federal gov't but the idea especially with the 9th and 10th amendment was to even further divide and sub-divide society into ever smaller pieces in the hopes that centralized power into a single power would never happen. These guys had fought a war against a consoldiated and single point power in the King of England and the last thing they wanted was to come up with that idea again.

    Now, what are we trying to do nearly 250 years later? The odd part is to hear some of the people who call themsleves "Originalists" actually promoting the idea of a stronger and more powerful Presidency or single point power. The worse part is watching other people who rail and loath the idea of "King George" play right into that hand although they tend to think they are smarter by consolidating that power elsewhere within the gov't. Once their party regains the White House, that idea will also shift and some say the fight has already begun between Pelosi and Hillary. If I think it could go nuclear and lead to an american cleansing so to speak, I'll forget principle and vote for Hillary. Ron's trying to peacefully transition but I'm not against a violent erruption of calamity with Pelosi and Hillary because at least we get to see a good train wreck!:wink: Sorry, it's the anarchist in me! :sneaky2::biggrin:

    Either way, it's like givng a Hollywood gun that never empties to a manical killer thinking at the end of the day he's the best one to be the security guard and that IMO is what we have done with centralized power in Washington DC!


    BTW Tie: If some elements of the republican party had their way, D couldn't sitdown in public and enjoy that rum drink to begin with. The muslim idiots aren't the only religious nutjobs we should be concerned with. Read the 2 sides rules of the road and it might get hard at times to tell which fanatic is which! We have Islamo tyrannts true, but we also have wannabe Christian ones as well.
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    ( refer to avatar pic) All these long posts are givnig me a head ache and making me grumpy. Pure Torture. Give me a gun. 40 lashes with a rusty bicycle chain. Go a head, hit me in the head with a hammer. Right there on the fore head(pointing) Go ahead, give it all you got!!!! Mac and D I m starting to get a little nauseaded. To much kissy kissy going on. You guys need to get a room, quick. LMAO. Hey, I m just messin with you dudes.

    Anyhow, did you read in the USA Today in the Nov 1 issue that Hillary is considering dropping out of the race due to medical problems. Wow!, What a revelation. Hey D, whats going to happen now? Obama, can he win it for you demz? I would like to know your expect opinion? take care art. 34 oops area 43
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    Geico Cavemen TV Debate

    IMO...I believe any candidate with a anti-Iraq/Iran war message (including Ron Paul) have a better chance of winning.
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    We make the long posts because it has seemed until now to keep you away from coming in here trolling for friends. You ever go for a longtime and not exercise and then go out and do something very active and afterwards your body aches and hurts? Now we all know this is a result of not having used those muscles in the past. Now the reason your head hurts so bad...................

    Damn, am I just horribly nasty or what this morning!

    I can see now we've got to lenghten our future posts as our pest control plan isn't working!

    BTW D: I can see you didn't include Area in the memo that you weren't a Hillary supporter and come to think of it, I've never seen you endorse Obama either. Now that's a revelation!


    If Area think's my response above is long, wait until I respond to your post about Katrina and how I can show it was excessive gov't in the first place that created the "false market" for living in a known flood danger in New Orleans that caused the Katrina disaster and again, the people hue and cry for the gov't to continue this "false market" only at some point to see the disaster happen all over again. To borrow a phase from Ron Paul, those "unintended consequences" again. Ever wonder why this seems to happen with much of what gov't does on a large collective scale over and over again?

    BTW Area: You don't want to read that post because there will be so much detail of facts and historical data that the headache would probably kill you!

    WAIT! What am I thinking, that's a fantastic idea!


    That should keep him happy and entertained until the contract threads ramp back up later today!
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    LMAO @ or with Diesel.

    Give the man a CIGAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good one D.
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    National debt now at $9 trillion. I thought at first of making a new thread but then decided to put it here since it goes with the thread title. We are getting fleeced you know!

    This massive debt increase(s) although having been going on for years did accelerate under the so-called fiscal conservatism of the Republican watch but now democrats won't be denied as their Congress just greenlighted Bush to raise the ceiling again. And instead of making serious conversation (speaking bothsides here) about cutting back especailly in the area of earmarks, it's been business as usual.

    Can you honestly sit there and tell me that voting in another party loyal republican or democrat will make a difference and that things will change?

    We've got a 100 plus year track record that would flatly say otherwise IMO!
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    opps! More good news.


    And this too!


    And if not yet, coming soon to a station near you!

    Yep, them demopublicans or republicrats (both titles work) have done an outstanding job have they not? Make darn sure you send them back to do more this coming election season.

    You're a great American!
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    Do you mind laying off of the anti-jew slurs.

    How can you be a modern day Democrat and be in favor of the Constitution.

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    I suggest you all go out and register as republicans and vote for Ron Paul...

    If you like his views but are still not convinced go to RonPaul2008.com and read all about him.

    I learned of Ron Paul over a year ago before he decided to run for president. I was convinced that he was the best man for the job. I wrote him a couple of times to encourage him to run for president.

    The only reason he is not leading in the polls is because he doesn't have name recognition. I blame the media for black balling him from the very beginning.

    I never thought I would see and honest politician in my lifetime. God bless this man for fighting for the rights of all us sheeple.

    More information can be found about him at ronpaulforums.com
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    I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer so could you explain the anti-jew slur that you saw in Diesel's post? I've read it again and again and I just don't see it. I'd appreciate the help!
  18. Char

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    Neoconservative, neocon, or new conservative was a movement started by liberal and socialist Jews in the 1960s that feared communism and the next halocaust. The only difference between a liberal and a neocon is neocons believe in a strong national defense and helping to spread freedom around the globe through military force if necessary, while liberals are pacifists, anti-war, and believe war doesn't solve anything. You notice how in the media you see or lines like "George Bush and his neocon buddies" or even in diesels post he said "mainstream republicans and neocons". To translate it means "George Bush and his Jewish Republican buddies" or "mainstream republicans (which mainstream republicans are not Jewish as most Jews vote Democrat) and Jewish Republicans" . The only difference between Bush and a neocon is Bush is not a Jew. If he were a Jew he would be described as a neocon. If you notice, many on theft blame neocons for the war in Iraq. It's no different than Hitler blaming Jews for the suffering of the German people post WWI.

    I'll give you another example. Black Republicans such as Michael Steele are called uncle toms and sell outs and have oreo cookies thrown at them by liberals and Democrats because they don't follow the majority of blacks that are Democrats. Its the same thing for Jews who don't follow the majority of Jews that are Democrats.

    If you are a black Republican then you are an uncle tom.
    If you are a Jewish Republican you are a neocon.

    This kind of name calling only works for these two groups. %90 of blacks vote Democrat. %80 of Jews vote Democrat. That it is why it is ok for Dems to use these slurs because they know these 2 groups are in the bag come election day. It doesn't work with say women or hispanics since the divide is about 50/50 or 60/40.

    The only difference is that neocon is more subtle and is not as inflammatory as uncle tom. Everyone knows what uncle tom means. Not many know what neocon means. Most people just think neocon means pro war. But the bottom line is neocon, like uncle tom is a slur, and Democrats have no problem using these terms against those that do not tow the line.

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    Holy Crap !!! That's too much to remember. Pretty soon we won't be able to say the word "the" without stepping on someone's toes. :dissapointed:

    I re-read that statement over & over again.....there was nothing anti-Semitic in there!
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    You just need to adjust your tin-foil hat a little bit moreluck, then you will see it plain as day! You do have a tin-foil hat don't you? :happy-very:

    When I read Char's post I swear I could hear circus music...