Were you satisfied with the ending of the Sopranos?

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I personally am satisfied with the ending. I EXPECTED a lot more violence and it did not materialize. I loved the way Phil Leotardo went out! (I never liked the guy:thumbdown). It was a nice clean hit that turned into a mess. He was always a little over the edge and what I call a greaseball.

As the final episode was winding down, I found myself looking at the clock as much as the TV! My mind was racing forward as to how and who was going to take out Tony as the scene in the diner was being played out. When Carmela and A.J. entered the diner, I figured that they were also going to be hit and the tension kept mounting with Meadow's inept ability to parallel park. I figured she was going to witness the hit on the family!

You can hear the bell on the diner door, then all of a sudden the TV screen goes blank. My first thought was a prank had caused an outage to keep us from seeing the ending. I was stunned that the audience myself included, was left hanging!!!:crying: David Chase did a great job of going against the norm. He did the unexpected.:thumbup1:

It also leaves opportunity for a sequel. David can take this story anywhere
the way it was left!

What are your thoughts?


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I was glad Tone didn't get whacked, but I thought it was a pretty weak ending, though I was glad to see Phil get it! Other than that it was pretty dull imho!