Western Conference: BAD Update!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, May 16, 2013.

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    This morning at the shop steward breakfast, our representatives admitted that retirees were sold out on this contract but there was nothing else they could do.

    They also said, that at our local meeting this Saturday they were not gonna try to sugar-coat or lie to the members that they are gonna have a Western Conference Health Fund ready before November 1st. Instead, they are gonna ask people to vote YES on the current contract being offered and the TEAMcare.

    So that pretty much sums it up for the WEST.
  2. The Other Side

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    That was the INTENTION all along. I said it before it even happened. The WEST locals tried to pull the wool over our eyes by saying they were going to keep us out of central states teamcare because it was inferior, and they were going to create a new administrator to provide care.

    This was all BULLCARP!

    They KNEW they were going to dump us into the CSHW all along, and today, they are actually trying to NOT call it the CSHW and refer to it as TEAMCARE.

    In our monthly meeting last month, Our Secretary Treasurer stated "I am fighting for you guys", " I wont put you in a program that gives you less".... and yet, a month later, here we are in the Central States H&W.


    What a joke. If this contract passes, everyone in the west who voted for this deserves to be screwed.


  3. rudy5150

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    Just vote no! No concessions! This is bs! Record profits, harassment everyday, the list goes on and on!
  4. EASY MONEY 101

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    VOTE NO!
  5. jumpman23

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    Exactly its all a lie guys. They want us to vote yes and then their going to *** US
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  6. What local are you from? Does this pertain to all locals in the Western Plan or just some?
  7. anonymous4

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    lol, the Hoaxster edit
  8. runnin' late

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    Yeah, I'd like to know what local your from also, because in the Nor Cal language we will be keeping our current health ins and pension.
  9. anonymous6

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    he was wrong when he said " there is nothing we can do

    I would of stood up and said " we can vote NO. that's what we can do!"
  10. browned_out

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    They are from Local 396 So Cal, what Local is Nor Cal.
  11. runnin' late

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    I'm in 137 Nor Cal. basically covers just north of SF to the Oregon border.
  12. steward71

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    Well Well Guess what for the last 4 years you have come a took up for who.....Lets see that is right Barry Obama. Now do you still believe him when he stated "If you like the insurance you have now, you can keep it". March 2009. When are you fully going to get it Teamsters had UPS come to the table and tell them they are not going to give Health anymore, and it is because they knew they had a large law on UPS's side. Teasmters has nothing in that department. Teamsters knows this and they would have egg on the face. This new plans lets them take away from the benfits at anytime at will if the cost up. The cost is going to up. The Other Side you voted and support "it is time to pay for your fair share" or better yet "we have a have a level playing field." Have fun with the new health care guys, The postive thing I can agree with Is the Other Side is right no on this F****** thing.
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    How much is the healthcare going to cost them? The current insurance doesn't change until January 1!
  14. Not just the retirees......We are all getting sold out!!! There is a very good chance we won't see any pension contributions in the Western States if Im reading this correctly....
    (f) The agreements on Maintenance of Benefits for Teamster Health and Welfare Plans in the Western Conference of Teamsters Supplemental Agreement and in the Northern California Supplement Agreement shall continue in full force and effect dur- ing the life of this Agreement. The increase in the Northern California Supplemental Agreement any Supplement, Rider or Addendum as a result of a Maintenance of Benefit increases shall be allocated as follows: fifty cents ($0.50) per hour to Health and Welfare in each year of the contract. The remainder of the con- tribution increase set forth in Section 1.(a) each year will be paid into pension. If this hourly amount does not cover the required increases in cost required by the Health & Welfare Plans, then the remainder of the forty dollars ($40.00) per week increase will be diverted to a health and welfare contribution, instead of being available for pension.

    A definite NO vote for this Washington JC 28 Teamster!!!!
  15. East coast navy

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    what state are you in?
  16. I'm in SF California. I also want to find out about the retirees as of Jan 1, 2014. I know we are in our own Teamster Plan i think its called Taft Hartley Plan as of right now but will it change after the first of the year.
  17. East coast navy

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    The states that are in this are Washington,oregon some of California,New Mexico,Nevada,Arizona and local 177 northern and central jersey. I think I'm missing one. The master minds on the numbers to find some better plan then the central crap plan are the Arizona and jersey boys. Two things could be happening here. First the California BA's are getting skittish and mite jump ship. Or Secand they couldn't find anything and that could put more members on the vote no train with the south locals. The locals are sending the members a message that there hands are tide and it's up to the members to step in. It's time to man up brothers and sisters and VOTE NO.
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