Western Region & 177 healthcare changes

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    This was sent to me by my shop steward and asked to circulate it so I thought I'd put it on here as well.
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    That tells me very little

    do we still need a punch a week to maintain insurance?

    If these new guys self quarantine, and have no benefits or PTO, their insurance lapses

    I’m talking the 9-11 month guys.

    I guess it’s nice that they’ll cover all covid tests at any and all places. They have free testing sites where I’m at. But those fill up fast. It seems ideal to let the insurance pay and cover the cost done elsewhere.

    Is a telehealth diagnosis good enough for a PTO quarantine?
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    I don’t feel good
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    Self quarantine because you're sick or because you're just scared?

    If you are sick and a doctor tells you to self quarantine you will be paid.

    If its because you're just scared then no of course the company is not going to make contributions to your healthcare.