Western States Transfer Language/Seniority during Layoff

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    I am curious to know if anyone out there knows if there is either an active grievance or any other actions, (court, arbitration, NLRB,) involving any part of the Western States's transfer language? Or any issues regarding seniority, splitting the shift for 8 hrs of work, bidding, or bumping, during layoff of a package car driver.
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    Thats a super broad question. Im in WA in we had a guy transfer in from Nevada and he went through a long process of trying to get transfered back due to some bad circumstances. At the end the company wouldnt let him do it. The union couldnt do anything for him to get it changed either. The company told him he could quit. Nice after 15 years of service. So now hes been sitting on layoff at our center where we rarely need him. Pretty sad. That is the only case Im aware of.