What A Year

The Real Jack RyanMI6

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Looking back at my paystubs, from an hours perspective ive clocked more hours week to week than i have in any previous years. Anyone else the same? If i had to guess my ave week would be equivalent to my ave peak week say 5 years ago, definitely 10 years ago! So glad we have the newer trucks. They suck in the snow, but in other conditions there more pleasant to drive.


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52 hours this week (4 of it today)... and we were off Monday.

~4.5 of the last 6 months have been 50-58hr weeks.


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My wife let's me keep anything over $1000, my little Dad account has been on fire since Orion was forced on us. Just ordered some new gym equipment and a pool table. Thanks Orion I couldn't have done it without you!


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Some of my biggest paychecks ever with UPS have come in the last four months.

Thanks Feeder! So glad I made the move.