What are your monthly dues?


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Just fiished reading the thread about the raising of the monthly Teamster dues. Since the contract states (I think) that our monthly dues should be twice our hourly rate, I am curious, what does the rest of the nation pay in union dues? Here in Norcal, it's $73 a month. I think we are paying for a strike that happened 15 years ago, and then something else, and then something else, etc. Not quite the $56 it should be. Please tell what area you are in.


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$66. North New England.

Didn't we authorize $5 a month to increase the strike fund??? (Which will never be given to UPS employees, as this would bankrupt the fund).


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$66 here in Ohio, yes you are all right on the amounts, 2 times hourly plus a dollar and yes after 97 strike we originally were to pay $12.00 a month strike fund only thing found on record is $11.oo a month and that is from October of 97 if any of you keep the teamster magazines from back then look it up and give us a reply that it does state strike fund and the amount. Now it is hidden in misc funds, there is nothing to state that we pay an actuall strike fund........... How's that for representation?


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Just added up my last 4 paychecks, 41.50
but I'm not at full scale yet either.
I believe its 2.5x your hourly rate, and yes looks like it
matches mine.