what can a sup do or not do

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    It seems that the rules are written but hid in a cave only to be brought up upon violation but never reviewed prior. Being a part time sup has brought a new test to me that I never imagined. I am not a sit on my hands guy and wouldnt watch a lady struggle with her groceries with out helping. Yet some where these rules are etched in stone and I never find out until after the fact. I had a guy go down hard friday night when a irreg fell off a roller line landing on his foot. I immediately reported it and told my sweeper to jump in his now backing up feeder. I called my full time sup 15 times in the next 10 minutes looking for help. No answer. Unfortunately he was in an imprompto meeting with his boss. I then commited the unthinkable. I made room in the recycle for the puller. SInce I had no sweeper I was trying to prolong things until I could be sent help. The union dude told me No way. And also gave me greif for jumping in to help when I saw my sweeper struggling to load a very heavy package onto the dock. Later I found out another rule I never new. I have a lvd puller with a short fuse. Since I am often up by the hvd I dont here his calls for help. He was frustrated at me and the lvd loaders. So I jokingly gave him a soccer horn. This struck him and everyone else funny and I havent heard him curse or scream since. Instead he blows it, I come running and the loaders do there darndest to break there jams before I get there and give them greif. Problem solved right. everyones laughing and the short fused dude is rolling. I am now told this is specifically prohibited in the books.???? what the heck. If we are to follow the rules they need to be cut and dry. The union steward(sp) seems to enjoy keeping me in the dark. I ask him questions and get no where. My boss doesent want to be bothered. Both dislike each other. My boss doesent follow thru with what he tells the steward he will do. The steward does the same back. These guys should be 2 working proffesionals who are protecting there own side while working together. By not working together they serve no one. I am not asking for a buddy buddy relationship but just a common respect and a little integrity. Myself I see things black and white regardless whos side it benefits. Integrity commands a conscience that responds appropiately with out thought to whos side it helps. While I may be a sup I will not be swayed to one side or the other but will react according to my conscience. Perhaps my career will be short but hopefully it works out. I just need to know the rules so I can follow them. Will I let my guys struggle. No way. I will get them help. I think I am allowed to do that.
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    I have zero idea what the W$% you're talking about.

    Basically , bottom line: you worked for a less than an hour? And a steward grieved it?
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    im on the preload ..I've loaded .. I've worked the slide.. etc when the time came that i thought said loaders were struggling or the slide was becoming too backed up and i had no help then i jumpedin .. in dire straits
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    Don't worry, eventually you'll be brainwashed into the perfect UPS supervisor, and the "helping people" and "good idea" desicions with come to an end.
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    I am told by steward I cannot "touch packages" even to the tune of attempting to retape.
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    Why does everyone have to copy the whole page when responding to a question? I understand if its 2-3 sentances but come on now.
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    in politics, not everything is in black and white. since you'll be swimming in the gray pool for awhile. Find out where everyone stands first before you roll up your sleeves.
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    Better question, why can't the OP use paragraphs? That great wall of text is comparable to the one in China.
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    You should never do any TEAMSTER WORK(ever). Unfortunately, you are screwed because you work for management. You do what your managers says or you are not considered a SOLDIER. This means that they will never consider you for a promotion! You should QUIT 'cause this company will ruin you! Get out while you can and NEVER LOOK BACK!
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    Why does everyone respond about something so petty isntead of trying to help the person responding? Let's see you do better with the style of writing and etc the thread author used. Instead of getting on me for accidently carrying over the massive spam he posted. Yep:/
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    Everywhere is different, most of the union workers in my building understand that its a business, missed packages are money out of everyones pocket and if i touch a packages its because i want to keep money in our pockets. the spirit of this rule is to prevent layoffs, and a sup doing the union position or lowering staffing numbers and the sup doing the union position.
    Youll learn what you can and cant do it just takes time
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    The intention of the contract language is to prevent the company from using management people to do bargaining unit work, thereby protecting that work. Without such language, UPS would simly hire a bunch of minimum wage "supervisors" to do the work for less, and the union employees would face lost overtime or layoffs.
    There are circumstances where it is acceptable for a management person to do bargaining unit work. If an employee is injured, and packages are going to miss service, a supervisor can do what is necessary to prevent the service failures as long as a good faith effort is made to give the work to an hourly employee if possible.
    The union rep isnt your boss and he cant tell you what to do. What he can do is file a grievance for the bargaining unit to be made whole if he sees you doing work. Depending upon the cirumstances, you could argue your case at the grievance hearing. If you lose, then the most senior employee on duty that day will be paid for the hours you worked. If you win, then nothing happens. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel it is imperative to do some work, then document the reasons for it and be prepared to pay an hourly for the time.
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    Dude, if you you need a retape call kenmei.

    1 800 GOT TAPE
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    a person who supervises workers or the work done by others.

    I understand it is a business and packages must be moved BUT like others have said, by you working you are taking time and money away from a Union member. even to the tune of taping a box closed. its not your job anymore it is your job to direct someone to do the work.
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    You bothered to quote his entire rant for that?

    I'm sorry I directed this at you, but it drives me crazy when posters, especially the first one to reply, quote the entire initial post only to type a one sentence reply. To make matters worse, the member who replied right after you felt that he also had to quote the entire initial post that you had just quoted and replied to only to also leave a one sentence reply.

    The initial thread is there for all to read. Simply post your reply. If you are referring to only a certain portion of the thread then, by all means, quote that portion, as it will serve to reinforce what you are trying to say. However, quoting the entire post is, at least for me, very frustrating, especially when all we have to do is look to the previous post to see the thread being replied to.

    Thank for your allowing my rant. Blog on.
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    Hows this sound...I found it in the rules of another forum.

    Excessive Quoting:
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    Perfect. (and it will make absolutely no difference, but thanks, DS)
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    I agree. ( couldn't help myself )
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    Upstate and DS-totally agree
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    What does this mean? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^