What Can Brown Do for You? UPS Refuses to Cave on Big Game Trophy Shipments

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    What Can Brown Do for You? UPS Refuses to Cave on Big Game Trophy Shipments - Breitbart

    In the face of pressure from the Humane Society International and other animal-rights groups, shipping giant United Parcel Service (UPS) stands its ground and refuses to ban the shipment of big-game trophies.

    Last week, UPS public relations director Susan Rosenberg indicated that if UPS began prohibiting the shipment of things that one group or another finds offensive, there would be no end to the banning. Via email, Rosenberg wrote: “There are many items shipped in international commerce that may spark controversy. The views on what is appropriate for shipment are as varied as the audiences that hold these views.”
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    UPS, as you know operates under their own set of rules. Until they can't, they can.
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    Or until other customers boycott them.
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    It really shouldn't be up to UPS to decide what should be allowed to be shipped. If it is legal then UPS shouldn't say no. Until the law changes then UPS is just following the law. The spokesman made a very good point. If UPS changed policy for this then other special interest groups would also want changes.
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    So happy to not see us fold on this.
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    The whole Cecil story is questionable. If heard the locals in the area are more than happy to see a few lions hunted. Locals eat the meat, and $50,000 price tag does a lot in an economy like theirs.
    Bottom line, let the locals decide what the laws should be and stop scapegoating UPS.
    What's next? We can't deliver firearms to licensed dealers?
    UPS needs to stand it's ground!
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