While airlines ban hunting trophy shipments, UPS says it won’t bow to controversy

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    While airlines ban hunting trophy shipments, UPS says it won’t bow to controversy - Washington Post

    Hunters and others looking to ship lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo heads and other big-game trophies across the world still have options available, even as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Air Canada announced this week that they will no longer allow such cargo on their planes.

    Shipments of hunting trophies are still allowed by United Parcel Service, a UPS spokeswoman told The Washington Post on Tuesday, noting that the global shipping giant follows U.S. and international laws, not public opinion, in determining what it will and won’t ship.

    “There are many items shipped in international commerce that may spark controversy,” UPS public relations director Susan Rosenberg wrote in an e-mail. “The views on what is appropriate for shipment are as varied as the audiences that hold these views.
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    I can still get my lion steaks then?
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    Nope, just lion chops from now on.
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    Good for UPS. Follow the laws, established by local authorities who know the REAL story, not the whims and opinions of extremists using distortion to capitalize on a situation.
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    They'd lose too much money. Large packages going international costs a fortune.
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    The company would pimp their grandma if they thought they could make a buck.
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    Drug traffickers will hide drugs in the animal. Thats how drug can take advantage of this issue.
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    that's one of the problems in America today.

    knee-jerk reactions.