What do i do about my injured Elbow?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Frunas, Dec 8, 2009.

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    I have recently hurt my elbow out of work place and took a few days off to let it heal, the pain had mostly gone away so i went back to work only to wake up the next day with alot more pain. I had called in my supervisor to let him know and he told me that the full time supervisor asked him to tell me earlier that i needed to file for disability if i planned to be out for 3 days or more. I made an appointment with a specialist and he can't see me till the following week so i dunno how thats supposed to work. Any ideas on how i should handle this?
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    Call HR and get the number to file for short term disability.Call them and start the claim. This will protect you from any attendance problems @ work. In the interim you may want to see your regular doctor who probably will order xrays and maybe an MRI so you can present them to the specialist. You are covered by UPS insurance correct ?
    The disability company will send out all the forms to your Dr. etc.
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    TY stewie, yes i have an appointment for monday with the specialist he will take xrays on site. I was just confused as to having to file for disability for 3+ days, its the first ive heard of it. yes i have UPS insurance.

    once again ty for ur knowledge
  4. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    Switch hands!!! lol
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    if only it were that simple, lol
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    If it turns out you are ok no harm done. Remember CYA.You did things the right way
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    yep, cant get in trouble for following the rules or can u? lol i called human resources while keeping my supervisor posted. Just waiting for the insurance company to call me back. Ide be so lost w/o brown cafe, Great site for workers working in a company where alot of management like to keep u in the dark.
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    As long as you realize that everthing you read on the BC is not Gospil. What works in one Center may be a big no no at another center. Always check to see how things are done where you are.:peaceful: