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    You knock on residential door(no DR area) and get no answer. You scan, cross, info noticed and close out 1,2 or final. Walking to truck they come to door. Do you go into delivery and void the NI attempt or just resheet and delivery?
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    I would resheet as duplicate stop. Get sig
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    Remember, you attempted it once, already. Learn to keep a notebook, diary, whatever you want to call it.
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    Void the initial attempt and then redeliver.
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    No matter what you do, deliver it.
  8. If the previous entry was "stop completed"..record as "Duplicate Stop"..and deliver.
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    SOL I closed it out nothing i can do see you tomorrow lol jk I usually just deliver it then go back and void the not in
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    Voiding the not in is screwing yourself. You sheet duplicate stop to show a trail if they ask why you took XXX time at that stop. Long ago, before UPS, a smart management person told me to never put myself in a situation where my integrity can be questioned. People could learn a lot at UPS from that one sentence.
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    Sup said if I don't void original stop it will show me with false send agains.
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    Or you could just say "as I was walking away customer called for me and I went back to re-deliver".
  13. If it's a NI3/NM3 You have to void, than re attempt. I know cover your ass, time at stop, yada yada yada, duplicate stop. But even though the tracking number is the same as it was (And thats truely all that matters to the DIAD) you have an exception you have to remove. It will show up on the list as an exception left in the truck, in our center thats almost as bad as an unsheeted pkg found in the truck. I've been through all this, big center, seen alot of others go through it too. It really is simple, just void, redeliver, it will take you 30 seconds.

    If it's NI1/2 or NM1/2 you still have to void because your board is still showing a send again in the truck. And even though you hit Duplicate, you will still show up on the list for multiple sheets on the same tracking number. And the fewer reports youre on the better.
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    I don't worry about my times and could careless if management does. I run scratch 95 % of the time if they have a problem with me being at a stop to long that is there problem not mine. I void it out and resheet it.
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    Sounds like your sup had too much time on his hands. If he instructed you to do it a certain way, then do it that way. If he did not specifically instruct you to do it in a certain way, sheet it any way you want, as long as you deliver it. At the end of the day, your center management team has far more important things to deal with than one send again on one truck.
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    This is how I do it and the most logical way to do it.
    It accounts for the actual situation and time loss.

    That's until the NEW center manager decides he doesn't like your attitude.
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    Outstanding point!!!
    Remember what the acronym, DIAD, stands for.
    Delivery Information Accusition Device.

    It is a tool for you to ACCURATELY represent your days work.
    Voiding means it didn't happen.
    Duplicate is an ACCURATE depiction of the event.

    I don't care about their reports.
    Far too often at UPS, we treat the symptoms rather than fix the problem.
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    Again, he sits on fence, then chooses the counterpoint.
  19. Bubblehead

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    ...or his grammar?
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    I agree with bubblehead. If you have completed the stop, resheet and duplicate stop. It leaves a trail and I was told when tracking a pkg, the status is determined by the last scan.