What Do you put on your feet?

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  1. srvhero

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    I am having a lot of foot and lower back issues, and trying to do everything I can to help alleviate pain. Has anyone out there tried Z-coil shoes ?
  2. p228

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    Where is your foot pain, specifically? The heel, the arch, or the balls of the feet? What type of boots do you wear? Are they steel toe?

    Have you tried any exercises to strengthening the lower back? The best exercise I have found is what are called 'Swimmers'. You lay on stomach arms in front of you with your hands off the floor and slowly move your feet up and down as if you are swimming. Here's a good link for info about some of the causes. It also has pictures of various stretch and exercises for the lower back and the surrounding muscle groups. http://www.stewsmith.com/linkpages/lowerback.htm
  3. soberups

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    My foot doctor made me a set of orthotic insoles that have worked wonders for me, and they are covered by our insurance. I suffer from plantar fascitis and without the insoles I would be in a world of hurt. I also invest in quality, American-made Danner boots and wear them exclusively.
  4. hubrat

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    Ridge Air Tac mid zips. Toss the factory inserts and buy a pair of Sofsoles. I wear two pair of thick socks as well. No matter what brand or cost, light weight and thick soles are imperative. Don't wear them until the soles are smooth either. When my lower back starts to ache, it's time for new shoes, usually every 2 to 3 months. Expensive, but well worth it.
    If you have blisters or pressure spots from a new pair, get some women's nylon knee-highs or some old panty hose and cut the feet out. Wear these under your socks until your shoes are broken in.
  5. UnsurePost

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    Timberland pro series, 4 varieties. New Balance inserts.
  6. TheDick

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    Redwing boots since early 90's. Insoles for softness, and REI merino wools expidition weight socks year-round. Love those socks! 12$/pair tho
  7. hubrat

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    Worth it if they're good, though. I'll hafta try those out.
  8. hurricanegunner

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    Sketcher work shoes with rocker bottoms and slip resistant soles. These are a tremendous help to me.
  9. Cementups

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    $12/pair is cheap for socks. I pay that for my running socks. My warm UPS socks cost me over $20/pr.
  10. Baba gounj

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    Ecco Tracker, expensive but lasts years.
  11. Jones

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    I wear Timberland boots, very comfortable and lightweight. I don't like thick socks at all, I go with light, thin dress socks. They wear out fairly quick but I get'em dirt cheap from Costco, probably about a dollar a pair.
  12. toslow

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    Gotta agree with P228 after a herniated disc and 2 bulging dics's the best thing I have done is to strengthen the lower back muscles and the stomach muscles if I skip a couple of days pain starts to come back and it doesn't hurt to drop a couple of pounds
  13. UPSGUY72

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    Try holding onto the handrail when getting in and out of your package car you would be surprise at how much it can help you.
  14. The Blackadder

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    Go to a foot doctor, you may need arch support. My brother who in not a UPSer, he is much smarter then me had this issue.

    They fitted him for arch support and he has not had any pain for years now. But until he got the arch support he had pain up his legs into his knees and lower back.
    He had days he could not walk without looking like he was 90 years old, he was in his mid 20's. Today he has no pain, walks fine, runs.

    If you have bad arches you are in trouble in this job unless you get help, medical science is a good thing you have health care use it.
  15. TheDick

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    Where you buy those?
  16. grgrcr88

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    I also suffered from plantar fasciatis, feet hurt so bad I couldn't hardly stand up, especially first thing in the morning. I had the custom made insert done for my feet as well as a boot I had to sleep in for a while and some stretches I did every morning for a few months. Made all the difference in the world. Doesn't matter what shoes I but now. I pull out the orthotic inserts and put them in the new shoes and presto, perfect support!! Had them for three years now, same pair, and still going strong!!

    See a good podiatrist ASAP!!
  17. I started out with flat feet and now my left foot has no arch and Im having surgery on Dec. 5th to fix a ruptured or shredded posterior tibial tendon and other problems related with not taking care of it sooner. Also has arthritis so a couple joints will be fused together. I also had insurts and they did not help me at all. He says I can come back in 4 months after the surgery which Im scared to death about. anybody experience anything similar?