What does a an On-Car Supervisor do?

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    I'm part time sup thinking about Fulltimme management. I have already started the mapp process(which is taking forever). My FT tells me its a bad job and i don't wanna do it. It requires a bachelors degree in the two slots i seen open, which i thought was strange. What entails this job title?
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    An on car sup drives around all day and learns how to do the job from the person he is attempting to discipline.
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    From what I understand the requirement for a Bachelor's degree is fairly new and may be a result of the tight job market.

    The on-car supervisor is responsible for their group of drivers. They deal with everything from staffing, customer concerns, on road observations, annual safety rides, training new drivers and driver performace. The on-car position is not an easy one. The initial pay is generally less than that of a FT driver with the difference being made up in MIP. My on-car, who drove for 15 years and is retiring in less than two months, was able to use his MIP to help put his three children through college and walk one of his daughter's down the aisle. He would also be the first to tell any hourly thinking of making the jump not to do it.
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    I've never, in 12 years, met an on-car supervisor who didn't regret making the jump.
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    What's MIP?
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    My on-car spends half his day with his feet on the printer thinking about what is in the VS package being delivers to his house today.
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    Management Incentive Pay---performance bonus paid in restricted stock units.
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    It's short for "you'll do that six stop split 8 miles away because it makes you look better on paper which will score me 100 shares of stock at the end of the quarter".

    Glad I could clarify that for you.
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    Runs misloads to me-sters to afraid to file.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Same here. All will tell you to run. Some complain that drivers make more. Many have bad marriages from job stress/being overworked. Many more drink too much because of this.
    Good luck whatever you decide
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    Can't figure out why an on-car sup would need a college degree....
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    i was told new technology coming and some we have{telematics}will do away with on car supes,safety rides,time studies etc.in the near future.
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    One less job that jerk face dispatcher that I hate won't be able to have. :p
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    trains new drivers, handles BS safety paperwork, disciplines drivers, moves misloads during the day, and arranges meetpoints for drivers to help eachother

    in theory there is a lot of responsibility but as long as nothing goes catastrophically wrong you'll never work half as hard as your drivers do

    and if something does go catastrophically wrong, you're so :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed it wouldn't matter what your degree is in anyways
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    I disagree, they do a lot more than "just" that - also, it depends on the location as to what is expected of them. In some locations, on-car soups bleed into preload, in others, they do not; but nobody asked me.
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    My (former) full time preload sup is now an on-car... as of earlier this week. He's still walking around near the end of the sort, dealing with preload issues.
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    GRIEVANCE. Management cannot advance union work. :wink2:
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    They all have degrees in logistics these days. Don't you know??
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