what happened??????

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    I was promoted from a driver to supervisor because I was educated, passionate, and was perceived to have good leadership skills. I was a supervisor for many years and enjoyed the job. I prided myself on communication, follow up, creativity, teaching, training and improving my work group. The work was challenging but rewarding. After several years I could see those skills lending themselves to a manager job. I was promoted to manager and loved it. I have turned several centers around in my tenure as manager. All on the foundation of honest interaction, education of why we do what we do, employee involvment and participation, doing the right thing and building a culture of teamwork in a center. I have never been a pushover. I have always improved the bottom line from both a growth and cost perspective.

    However, I have realized that sometime between then and now the skills that got me promoted and have made me successful are now no longer needed, desired or accepted. I am plugged into the machine to play a singular role. My words, approach and corrective measures are all predetermined. I spend hours upon hours on conference calls that will dictate the planning, direction, and excecution of my resources. I no longer have a connection with people like I once did. I sometimes have a hard time explaining "why we do what we do".

    I have lost the bitterness that I used to have becasue of this situation. In some ways life is easier to run their plan, their approach, etc, etc. I am far less passionate- But much more accepting of when things fall short. I am still regarded as a very strong manager...numbers, safety, etc.... but I no longer regard myself as a strong leader. My success as a manager is due to being a damn good follower!

    ....Just wondering if there are other management people out there who have somewhat lost the leader they once were in this current environment for survival sake????
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    I don't know what happened. Do you feel like you "sold out"? If so, I know the feeling. Coming up on decision time and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it.
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    I must say that this is the thread that has me coming out of the background. I have been reading on Brown Cafe for nearly five years but have never replied. This is a thread that says exactly what I have been feeling for the last five years. I am also a manager and thought that I was able to use my mind creatively to improve the bottom line while listening to the folks I work with. No more. It is apparent that the mission has changed. Do as one is told and ask no questions. When the plan is not achieved people in the Ivory Tower have all the answers as to what you are doing wrong. Could it be the plan? No way. It has to be you. Even if you have a better way to achieve the plan, because it is outside the current mentality of "how", it can not be attempted. The question I have is why the change? Why is it that a manager no longer manages his operation but follows what he or she is told to follow? I have tried to step outside the "plan" and found that the threats are real and substantial. I still think that for principal it is worth it but I can tell you from experience that you will land in a job that you hate and in a position that does not afford you any satisfaction. After fourteen years as a manager who has had every conceivable operation in Hub, Package , and Feeder, the last thing I wanted was a staff position. Of course, after taking my own way to the plan I am now in a staff position not well suited for me. The good news is I can go when ever I want to. Now I won't on my own principal.
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    Thats the sad part. Ups gets the best and the brightest because of their stature. then they treat ya all like little puppets, and your diligence, stature, self esteem get thrown in the toilet. You were the best, now you are controlled, by some sap a thousand miles away with his pencil nose stuck in his pc. Sad very sad. Go if you can and dont look back. Otherwise consider it just a job we get paid well to do, and to hell with integrity, brilliance, people skills and the rest. It does not matter. People are replaceable. We are no longer, and neither are you considered of any importance.
    And neither is the customer. It is all about the numbers.
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    It just dosent matter. If people remember you as a good human being and you are on the right track to go to heaven who cares. Do your kids love you? How about your wife?? So what if you are a dinosaur at united parcel. As a steward I have fond memories of good men and women who were good people. For what it's WORTH
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    This is sad.When I started 20 years ago I respected the honesty and integrity aspect of working here.
    But now it's all about money.
    Integrity has been replaced with production.
    UPS is no longer a nice place to work,and the media is about to realize it.
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    "if you don't like the job, there is the door" is the approach. Hourly and operations management. Eventually this will bite UPS in the :censored2: and the people up top will not be around to be held responsible when things crumble.
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    I'm not sure what the media is going to realize except UPS has become like the 99.9% of the other corporations out there.
    I don't know about Canada but in the US, UPS is still in the top tier of Corporations to work for ... especially as a driver. Part-time is even good if you are a student.

    I guess the media found out about Canada Post ... how big an uproar did this cause?
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    I like that saying and it is very true ... I have only met a couple of people at UPS that made me feel inferior but I've met a lot that I felt threatened by.
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    How so?

    It's okay to be a humbled. That's a good thing, when you find those weak links in your armor and something to work on...that feeling excites me, anyway, after the inferiority part dies down ;D

    That is one underlying thing that may be relevant to what the OP is saying...less decision making = less excuse to improve.
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    Very well said sosocal! This is exactly what is happening.
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    Socal, this is one of the things that kept me out of managment many years ago. Yes, I considered it. Sorry to say. But, that was when they asked YOU, if they thought you were doing good and would be an asset. Boy, am I glad I didn't.

    I, too, thought I could make a difference, as you have. But even then, I could see their decisions trampled on. What? Aren't you a supervisor or mangler? Well, yes, but I hafta clear this with MY mangler.

    Here, remember, I said, HERE, with the process of sending in your "resume" (I know, it's not a resume, it's a letter of intent or want or whatever acronym is attached to this process), we get all these green wannbes whose names are thrown into a barrel and when it comes time for a replacement, a hand is thrust into the barrel of loser wannabes and a name is pulled out. This is the best loser wannabe that we could find. I know there is more to it than this but this is the impression and ususally the result that we get.

    In my last days as a steward, I really tried working with supes and manglers and I think it was working, but, in referring to your post, I saw they were powerless. Everything, I mean, EVERYTHING, had to go upstairs, across the street, to regional, or to corporate. NOTHING could be decided locally. My last mangler expressed real frustration at this. He actually wanted to remedy some situations that came up, whether it be by grievance or suggestion, but couldn't! Very sad.

    Well, what you have at UPS now are just bosses. No more managers, just bosses. Bosses carrying out the decrees from higher up. Sorry for your feelings. Sorry for the company once known as UNITED PARCEL SERVICE.
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    "Well, what you have at UPS now are just bosses. No more managers, just bosses..."

    Wow --I just now realized why I am now refered to as "boss" and no longer by my name....Seriously, I am just now realizing that.
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    So sad but so true...Boss.
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    Wow, what a look inside you Hoaxster. I feel the same way so often. The threat for me seems to be that no common sense will be used to make certain decisions. The agenda isn't always to do the decent thing but to play a game.

    I have many managers and pt sups who, I believe, are decent people. Seeing them change in the past year or so has been troubling. This entire thread makes me realize it isn't just me seeing it. To hear it from management makes me glad I've had some compassion for my sups. Yes, they chose the job but it was different then.

    Anyway, thanks for that post. I'm sure many people, both hourly and management, can relate.

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    ditto here, the weekend cannot come fast enough now.
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    Hourlies are breaking their backs. Management is jumping through hoops. What are the folks at the top doing besides living for today? They're turning all these great profits in a down economy by making CUTS. More work for us, more lining for their pockets. Next IT WILL BE WAGES.

    I own a little stock. I wonder how much is owned by lower management? If we don't speak up we are almost as responsible as them. My suggestion otherwise is retire ASAP if you can. People here with only a few years left are wondering if they're going to make it! That is abuse ppl!!!!
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    When I read threads like this it makes me glad that I've never been the type who seeks validation or fulfillment from work. The only thing I ever wanted from UPS was a paycheck, and they've made good on that every Friday so far.