what has Brown done TO you

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by parttimejon, Mar 15, 2003.

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    Tell your story of what brown has done to you
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    how about given me a very good paying job which i enjoy very much i think i would go crazy if i had to set in an office all day so this works out perfectly for me getting to be outside and meeting a lot of people.
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    Gee, I wish you had posted this on Friday. You wont believe what they did to me! The jerks handed me a rather large paycheck, well, a receipt anyway, since they deposited the check for me. To top that off, my wife went to the doctor Friday and when she reached for her checkbook she found that the bill had been paid by a UPS financed health plan.

    I didnt realize grapes could be that sour PartTimeJon!
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    Good god , while the pain never end?
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    Of course not Tie Guy. There will never be a shortage of people with bad attitudes with no other purpose in life but to piss and moan.
    I've heard Burger King is hiring. A few days at that job would no doubt improve the attitude of some at UPS.
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    Dude, Its what Brown HASNT done for us.... Horrible economic times and I still havent been laid off!! Damn this job security!!!
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    Wait till you hear this one...

    Brown made me work hard from the day I started to the day I retired 25+ years later. I drove in the summer's heat and the winter's cold. I clerked in a new center that had no heat for a time. I uprooted my family and moved twice for Brown. All they gave me in return was a decent paycheck weekly. Then later every half month and even for a time only once a month. Life was tough! They also did give me some shares of stock once a year which I carefully retained. I even bought some shares since it seemed to be a wise investment. Now my wife and I travel extensively and pretty much live on dividends and retirement pay plus an occasional stock sale.

    Well, that's what Brown did to me.
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    <font color="0000ff">I accept the fact that nobody is holding a gun to my head and forcing me to work at UPS. I accepted that a long time ago. I also realized that there are few companies out there that would be any better than UPS but I still want to point out something concerning those of you that have a problem with anyone that is unhappy sometimes. I guess most people have been "screwed" at least once while at UPS and some obviously more than others and some much less than they make it seem but this can, and does, happen at any company. I've noticed that when there are retaliatory responses to someone's complaint, whether it be legitimate or just pure dissatisfaction, that it's "USUALLY" a part-timer stating the complaint and it's "USUALLY" a full-timer that retaliates. Could it be because when you are making $700.00+/week you don't mind what few, or many, bad things that happen to you at UPS as much as a part-timer making $150.00/week? It's easy to tell someone to go elsewhere when you are making that cash. </font>
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    Well said local 480! I do hope when i get to go full time that have such a great outlook about my company as it seems many of you do. But until then i will as many others do live off my 200 dollars a week and just look forward to making the 7 or 8 hundred and being happy with my financial status.
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    Actually I make 1,000.00 + a week but the government screws me out of a couple hundred a week. Now, to your point. Without question there are management folks at UPS (and everywhere else) that have no regard for the rules or treat people in a less than respectable manner. I dont see management folks coming on this board and constantly beating up on the hourly folks (Im hourly) that abuse vehicles, take extended breaks, fail to report missed pieces, or treat he customer in a less than respectable manner. I could go on. Since were pointing fingers, Id like to point out what blue and gold (the Teamsters) has done TO me. Over my 15 year career they have cut my health insurance benefits, squandered my pension fund, stolen from my dues money, limited my ability to earn extra income when I retire, limited where I can work when I retire, and limited how much I can work when I retire. Hum, imagine the uproar if Brown did that! Im thankful Brown has leadership in place that will ensure the company generates the income to keep my 52k a year plus rolling in. I wish the Teamsters were as concerned about my future pension.
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    A farmer once said that pigs love where they are at. And wherever they go, they turn it into a pig sty too, no matter if it is in a barnyard or in a 5 mill home, they will drag the surroundings to their level.

    Same with some people. IF you are making 150 a week and spending 150, you are living within/above your means. Juse cause you start making 1000 a week, willnot change that. Your outgo will increase to match your income. Its up to you to change the lifestyle. Money is just a tool, how you use it and what you do with it is up to you. Its only a way to keep score in life. But what you do with your life is what really matters. Poor life choices and attitudes will never be solved by throwing more money at them.

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    I went to UPS on my 21st birthday(1972!) to fill out an application to work for the furniture side of the business(We used to deliver anything over 50# and 108", as well as furniture from Department Store Warehouses!)UPS informed me that they were getting out of the Furniture Business and that I should try to be a package driver----they made me take a driving test in downtown L.A.---Than they almost failed my driving test---the guy said that I was using the engine to slow down instead of the brakes---it was cheaper to replace the brakes than it was the engine!!!!!

    In 1974 when we did not even have 100% coverage of the U.S. by ground------they went and started service within Germany---than is Canada----this company is in such confusion---it dodn't tell me it was going to secure my future--and my families as well.When my 2nd child was born, UPS informed me that it had changed medical plans and paid 100% of my bills instead of the normal 80%!!!
    Than in the early 1980's , while Braniff and other airlines were going bankrupt--UPS started buying planes and started it's own airline.Than we started buying some Int'l partners and grew our Int'l business.

    As you can see I am a little put out that a company like UPS would do all these things to me over the years!! Is it a perfect company--absolutely not--have I felt that there could have been better communications over the years---absolutely-----have I come across some less than average management and hourly people---absolutely!!

    Have I had an opportunity to work with the creme of the crop people at UPS---ABSOLUTELY!!---it's the people at UPS that make us successful--working together to acheive a common goal----to grow the business and make sure we all have a secure future!!!!!
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    Part time job making $150.00 a week. That's more than I made when I started working here, but I knew how much I was going to be paid and I accepted the job. I was going to college at the time and UPS hired exclusively college students. the job was never offered as something other than part-time. It seems to me times have changed and most people working part-time at UPS want full- time work and I can understand that, but the job has always been-part time with a chance of going full-time. We need more packages to create full- time work.
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    well, they seemed to lose my check for two straight weeks when i moved from one hub to another and took forever just to cut me a GREEN check , whick i hate. i know i should have had direct deposit, but i don't. but later on they payed me as a f/t'er for some odd reason, and i got PAID for two weeks!!!

    other than that,,,, nothing really , just punkass sups that use to be my buds till they put on the blue shirts then talk to me like i'm trash and cuss me , then i load even slower and slower,,

    But overall you really can't complain,,, the pay, the benefits, the stock, 401k

    nothing big here......
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    I picked next week for one of my vacation picks. I double checked with my manager that all was well and was told "yes". I go into work today to find out that I can go on vacation next week but I wont be paid until 10/3, my full time date. My part time date back up to 6/99. So Let's see UPS can hold my money for 8 months, intrest free.
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    I have been with parcel for 15+ years and as far as I can remember that is how it has always been done. Is this a new policy for you?
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    Forgive me trouble. It wasn't till after I posted that I noticed you included your seniority date. My bad. Happy St. Patricks Day!!

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    "then i load even slower and slower"

    I'm quite sure this attitude will move you up that ladder quickly. Hell, you will probably be offered a full time job tomorrow. As far as the full time checks you recieved....Sure hope you haven't gone out and bought yourself a new Porsche. Payroll has been known to make mistakes, but they have also been known to correct them with a payroll decuction. I got payed for a vacation years ago that I had already been payed for. I turned the check back in and 2 weeks later they deducted it from my weekly pay. It got straightened out, but took some time. If you want to work at UPS you'd better be honest. Nothing will get you fired faster than the opposite. As well it should be.
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    Last year two of the three weeks where before October and both where paid. That's why I am so confused.
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    when you go from p/t to f/t they pay off your sick, opt., and vac. daya at your p/t rate, you can still take your sch. vac. but it's without pay because you have already been paid off. the following year you use your p/t date for the number of days off but start receiving f/t wages.