what has Brown done TO you

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by parttimejon, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. parttimejon

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    dannyboy...you say buy one. does that mean you all can buy vacation also...just curious cause we can't in our region...west virginia
  2. dannyboy

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    Buying out the last year of service with your vacation, sick, and PH days. Works out to about 7 grand.

  3. an

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    Brown helped me raise two kids on part time wages that were more than I made elsewhere fulltime with no benefits, It gave me a highly prestigoious position, where every one depends on me to make their day run smoothly when i show up on time. It pays me well but taxes take more than I used to make. it has also given me broken bones and Carbon monoxide poisoning, so I wont remember i wrote this. It is a great high pay job which takes your days away and gives you weekends to recover. And hopes to live to retirement. They get a smart person, and a hardworker and turn them into an aging robot. But we stay, and only ourselves to blame for that. Also remember that no matter how cold, hot, or how late at night it is you are not allowed to complain to anyone, because no matter how cold, hot or tired you are, you shouldnt be, because everyone knows how much you make (thanks to the strike and coverage by the media) so therefore you have no right to be any of the above because of how much you make per hour. And the ones who tell you they wish they had your job would not make it one half of one of our days, most wouldnt fit through the side door.
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    Brown told me if I showed up on time every day, was honest and worked hard, I'd have a good job as long as I wanted it. True, it was.
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    Great post Old Upser.
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    Two weeks off in a row starting 4/25. Next year a whole month off.

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  7. ups_vette

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    Enjoy you're well earned two weeks. You can now spend your day listening to Rush, instead of being in a rush.
  8. I could not agree more Old upser
  9. dannyboy

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    Speaking of Rush, Anybody else have interference from the monitor when they listen to an AM station? Or is it just me?[​IMG]

  10. rushfan

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    Amen ups vette. No shaving, being a bum. No getting dressed till the afternoon.

    dannyboy- is it interference from your computer monitor. If it is, it's due to circuits in the monitor. Maybe from the computer itself. Some circuits in the computer system will produce what are called "harmonics". These cause the interference on the radio. Pretty much all electronic circuits will produce these "harmonics".

    One story. I worked for a local f.m. station. One day we got a nasty phone call from the FAA's radio tech. He said that aircraft were receiving our signal, while tuned to the airport's instrument landing system (ILS) frequency. As you could imagine that caused a "small" problem.

    To make a long (and boring story) short, we had to reduce the "harmonic interference". As we can see class, electronic equipment will cause interference to other electronic equipment.
  11. dannyboy

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    So since not listening to Rush is not an option, and unplugging the monitor is also taboo, what options are we left with?

  12. rushfan

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    Well let's dump technology, no internet, no browncafe, driving model t package cars. And best of all-sheeting packages on paper!!!

    I'm for it.....nah.
  13. dannyboy

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    So how do you go about getting the harmonic interference reduced in the monitors?

  14. rushfan

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    It depends on the monitor. Some monitors will cause interference on different frequencies- i.e. f.m. band instead of a.m. band. Oh! also some radio receivers are more prone to this interference than others. Try moving the radio, if it's portable, away from the monitor. Pretty much you are out of luck. Maybe someone else can help.
  15. dannyboy

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    What about a digital radio, do they have the same problems as analog?

  16. suprvaluchik

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    Well, Brown gave me bursitis in my right knee and laughed at my wanting to get feeder certified, because I was so low on the list.

    Brown also gave me an introduction to the union, and I can thank them for that, nothing much else though.

    Don't know how you all stick it out, with all the bs and all, but good for you!
  17. dannyboy

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    How do you figure Brown gave you burcitis in your right knee?

    As to the Union, that might have been a mix bag of curses and blessings[​IMG]

  18. ups_vette

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    That laughing you heard was comming from your fellow teamsters with more seniority. You know, from that union you are so glad you were introduced to.
  19. toonertoo

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    Supervaluchik, at the very least sticking it out is entertaining....And very little that happens to you will you ever to be able to prove that your work at Brown did it. Bursitis maybe not, stress from stepping into one of the "package cars" where it is level with your waist....could cause arthritis, but good luck with that too, let me know how you do then I will join you in your mission...
  20. rush

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    I haven't heard anything about digital radio i.e. sirius, or the other company