What has the KARL ROVE, GOP "CITIZENS UNITED RULING" done to this country??

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    Even though the GOP & Karl Rove managed to influx BILLIONS of dollars into our election system, what has it really done to our country and the influence on our elections? While you goofs are worried about election fraud and voter id's, you ignore the REAL DAMAGE to our elections.

    [h=1]Foreign Money Backs GOP – Ran Ads Against Democrats[/h]2012/11/30
    By Nathaniel Downes

    The Citizens United decision, giving corporations more access to political speech than everyday citizens, has forever changed the nature of political campaigning within the United States forever. As predicted, the decision did not enable freedom of speech for Americans, but instead has now allowed foreigners to have a stronger voice in US elections than citizens.In a common report for the mis-named American Petroleum Institute (API) you will find the name of one Tofiq Al-Gabsani, an executive of the Saudi Arabian government-run oil company Aramco, serving as a director for API. In addition, most of the funding for API comes from foreign government-owned oil companies. Yet, despite the foreign-owned and operated nature of API, Citizens United has given them all free rein to influence US elections.

    The law before forbade direct election influence by these kinds of organizations, but with Citizens United, the money floodgates opened. According to The Nation magazine, API spent $68 million in 2011 for public relations and advertising, using several million in directly lobbying politicians, as well as political advertisements. This money came from members, foreign government-owned oil firms and the like.
    Firms like this put the name “American” in order to disguise their non-United States origin. This particular one has spent millions since Citizens United to push the agenda of foreign governments. We can expect millions more in the next election.
    The Citizens United decision has now opened up a can of worms better left shut. Now a foreign government through its fully-owned subsidy can freely meddle in our national elections. They do so through front organizations for now, but this litmus test has now been passed. This frees up companies to contribute through “dark money” organizations. Now a foreign nation would have more say over our elections than our own citizenry.
    This is why there is now a movement to amend the US Constitution to overturn Citizens United. If you agree that Foreign governments should not be free to meddle in our elections, sign the petition today, and make your voice heard. The Roberts Court ignored their responsibilities under the US Constitution, and must be given a lesson. The Supreme Court must be above politics.


    THANKS ALOT REPUBLICANS! You did wonders to protect the USA. You are the true Patriots.


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    WOW, so much anti islamic hate on other threads, but when faced with ISLAMIC influence on our elections presented by the Republican party, everyone of the C9+ goes silent.

    All the worry about Obamas connection to muslims on at least a dozen threads on this board, and not one comment from the anti islam crowd on this story.

    Its amazing.


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    Perhaps it's not so much the message than the messenger.

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    When you call people "goofs" don't expect them to talk to you.......ever!!!!
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    Do not question an American's patriotism.
    Patriotism is not red or blue.

    Islamic hate?
    Show us one thread in which a BC member states very specifically a hate for Islam.
    I want to see it in a complete sentence.
    Subject and Verb.

    I couldn't state this clearer.
    Dave, Thank you!!

    More, don't forget attacking their Patriotism.


    The election is over.
    Drop the attacks.
    Spend your time with your family and stop watching Fox News.
    Bless you and your family this holiday season.
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    And how many jobs were created with this influx of cash ?
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    Not important.
    Don't care.