What is a business agent?

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    An agent that conducts business.
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    Union business agents represent the interests of the members of their labor union. They are elected by the members and paid by the union to speak on its behalf to both management and the public. Business agents work at the level of the union local. The term "union local" refers to a branch of the union membership. The actual duties of a business agent vary with each union local and depend on its size and needs. In a small local, which may be made up of the workers of one factory or company, the business agent heads the union office. The business agent not only handles negotiations and grievances but also sets up the office. The agent hires staff, keeps records, and collects membership dues. The locals of very large unions sometimes represent all the workers in a wide geographic area. In large locals the business agents work in large offices with other union officers, such as the local president or secretary.

    Business agents participate in contract negotiations. Negotiations are held with management to work out a labor contract that is acceptable to both workers and management. The contract terms include specified wage scales, hours, and working conditions. When a contract is signed, it is in force for a stated length of time. Union business agents work to protect their members' rights guaranteed under the contract.

    One of the union business agent's main tasks is to handle grievances as head of the local's grievance committee. Grievances are complaints that workers have against management. Workers make their complaints about salaries, benefits, safety standards, and working conditions to a member of the grievance committee who works in their department. The committee member meets with the workers' supervisor to settle the problem. When matters cannot be settled at this level, the business agent is called into the grievance procedure. Business agents are familiar with the terms of the contract. They are in a good position to bargain with managers for fair grievance settlements for workers.

    In addition to these duties, union business agents handle general union business, such as writing reports and correspondence. They also encourage new people to join the union. They collect membership dues from those who already belong to the union. Many agents set up union meetings. They are responsible for planning meetings and finding meeting places. Some business agents arrange for outside speakers to come to the meetings. Agents often give time to individual union members who have questions about union matters or personal finances.
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    These are what business agents do in a good local/ union..
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    I'll ask my co-workers. BA's, much like mgmnt, shouldn't be needed if you do your job.
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    Business agents vary in effectiveness. Some are good, and some are simply pathetic.